Are there any free camera system programs?

hey guys, making some shots is a bit difficult manually.
I was wondering, is there a program that allows you to film say a stationary object for example a cube (I walk around the cube with a digital camera, camera goes up down and so forth) and then transfer the camera movement to my camera in blender?

it would probably be easier just manually keying this animation, but if you would feel better transferring the motions you make while holding your digital camera, you can film something with you camera, transfer you footage to your computer, and use a match moving software to transfer those movements to blender.

The two free match moving programs out there are called Voodoo and Icarus. Google either of those and it will do the trick for you.

Hope that helps!

Sebastian Koenig has some interesting vids, but that’s with Syntheyes, which costs money.

Voodoo seems to be the most popular free alternative. I’ve also been hearing rumors about the libmv project getting integrated into Blender.

“It costs money” is not necessarily a deal-breaker . . .

the vodoo camera tracker is free and works ok. It is not exactly user friendly and doesn’t always work the way you expect it to, but if you are on a budget it can do the job.

The other option is to use Pfhoe-pro. Phfoe is simple to use does a very nice job and outputs a blender python script for importing data to blender. The downside is it is $200. I bought it because I was trying to finish a project and vodoo just wasn’t able to handle the shaky footage and zooming. The interface doesn’t have a lot of options but really does a nice job of doing exactly what it is supposed to do.

There’s also Icarus Camer Tracking that is free and maintained by the Durian Project leader Colin Levy at
He also has some good tuts there on how to use it. I don’t think it will work for 2.5 though.