are there any plugin tutorials out there?

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well, are there?

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define “plugins”? Sequence plugins? Texture plugins? Python scripts for rendering/animating/gameblender?


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texture plugins

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You should have a look at SirDude’s plugin repository:

I think some of them are provided with the source code.


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If your looking for a tutorial on programming plug-ins, look at the source code that is included with the ones that come with Blender.

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How 'bout a tutorial on using python scripts? I’m very exicited about the new hair script (that furry egg is way cool). But I’m not sure how to get it to fly. Downloaded Python, but don’t know anything about it, or how to use the plug-in. Any links would be appreciated.

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the old used to have a whole documentation on python script, but i dont know if any of the mirrors have that available. try the links section at - since you’re already there