Are there any risks in Pirating MODO if you are too poor to afford better?

So I live in a 3rd world country I cannot afford the asking price of MODO. But I would be totally for paying the full price as soon as I start to make money off it.

I am making a game by myself and I need a Modeling software, I tried Blender but the UI is so ugly its not bad but its ugly in the sense that the icons look very plain and generic. I cannot understand why the UI is like this in Blender I guess because they want you to use short cuts?

So I have an important question do you all think MODO devs will come after a free lancer hobbyist in a 3rd world country for using their software? What do you guys think about this thread?

^ They say Foundry is spying on people and threatening those who use pirated software do you think they would care to come after one guy making small money off it in a 3rd world country?

I So wish Blender did a UI update, its so sad how good Modo UI looks. I mean the actual visuals and colors and icons.

If the only excuse going is ‘The icons are ugly’ then pirating is probably not going to solve anything.

I myself used to pirate software in order to learn it. But …and that’s a heavy but a person cannot make money off of pirated software.

It is illegal and if found out there are going to be repercussions.

Function Before Form ; on the whole icon thing.

really, please, don’t ask stupid questions here about pirating software & that Blenders ui is ugly in the same breath.

“Blender is so ugly that its free” and “Nobody should sue me because I live in a third world country” … here is my comment…
Start the day with a political news site or science news site instead of awkward threads on BA.

just joined and just to troll. hopefully a mod give him an ip ban. he’s clearly lying, he does not have 3rd world typing skills and has free access to the internet evidently.

“as soon as i start making money…” how you going to make any money when you are clearly telling people its ok to steal what ever you make? ohh so stealing is only ok when you are the theif, got it.

if there is anyone really that stupid i hope they do go after them, and bribe a 3rd world police force that would probably be cheaper than lawyers to sue. just take him out in a back alley and give him a quick education so he wont make the same mistake again. and i hope the mods ban him until karma does its job.

“3rd world country” is a term which is simply false,
we live only in one world, on one planet,
your starting conditions might be shorter than from others but
Blender is clearly there to help, its on you to take that help or to let it slip.

Please just close this thread.

why you don’t ask this question in a MODO forums and Why Blender users have to care about something like that?

Blender is perfectly capable for your needs, icons are not really your problem.

I guess it’s ok for you if the games you create are pirated, right?

I would like to earn money as taxi driver… But i can’t afford a car… Can I stole it to earn money? I will start paying for it as soon as i will start earning money. I don’t want to drive people with my ugly bicycle… What is the risk of car stole?

The OP started a similar post on cgsociety yesterday.

"Help me decide betwen Blender and other paid software.

So I am a 1 man development company I cannot afford MODO…"

Just what exactly are 3rd World typing skills? I live in the so called 3rd World and am curious as to why we apparently type differently from everyone else.

Nonsense, third world internet users can obviously be recognised by random swahili being interjected into their sentences. Only swahili. Always swahili, even if they’re actually from Brazil, Indonesia or Finland.

i am not 3rd world and he types much better than i do.

brazil and finland 3rd world? maybe it means different things different places, but those are not 3rd world to me, and if indonesia is like them i wouldn’t consider it 3rd world either, i just dont know enough about it.

Oops I forgot to actually to answer the OP

Dude I kind of get where you are coming from. I live in Namibia(the south western part of Africa). When you look at the price of 3D software and you do a dollar to local currency conversion the prices can often come out scary high. But there is no excuse for you to pirate software just to make games.

3D is hard whether you pick up Maya, 3D Max, Modo or Blender. All of them have a pretty steep learning curve so learning Modo is not going to be any easier than learning Blender just because it has better looking icons. I know the are lots of people(judging by the typical YouTube comments) who seem to think that if you use Maya or Modo their work will be somehow be magically better then if the used Blender, that is not going to happen. How good your work is will depend on how good of an artist you are.

I am also currently learning Unreal to get into making games and I have built my pipeline out of free and paid software. I use office 365 for all my documentation the yearly subscription is actually affordable to me plus I get 1TB of offsite backup. 2D I use GIMP, Krita, Mypaint and Clip Paint Studio(again affordable and cheap) for 3D I obviously use Blender the game engine is UE4, vector art I am currently learning inkscape for that.

Stop making excuses(especially with this 3rd world poverty pity party you got going), you can definitely build an indie game pipeline entirely out of free open source software. If you took a week and spent 1 hour of each day of that week just learning Blender’s interface through YouTube videos(and the are many interface tutorial videos out there) you would quickly master it.

I think you are just been lazy and want complete strangers to okay your piracy.

edit Just to validate Thera’s theory and prove my 3rd worldlness I say to you all hakuna matata(the only bit of Swahili I know…my east african brother don’t hate I promise to learn more)

Programmers do not change the interface, because you don’t understand, try simpler programs, and which suit your features.
Wing 3D
Daz 3D
MeshMagic 3D

Houdini-Apprentice <-- This is not simple

When arrives, some new user, want change for himself, instead of striving to learn.

I agree

>Asking about pirating proprietary software on a Blender forum

This thread is going no where. It’s versus flamebait and implicitly endorses piracy… all against our Forum Rules.