Are there enough Australian blenders to warrant a conferance?

Anyone here from Australia? is there enough people here to get together a confrence I am in Melbourne say hi if your from OZ would be cool to meet like minded renderes excpecially to learn off, or any good course anyone would recomend for us starting out in 3d modelling I am thinking of going on a basic drawing course as my darwing is not good.

I am in Victoria, about 3-4 hours drive from Melbourne. I think you should change the title of this thread to something more informative, such as “Australian blenderererererers?” (slightly better) or “Are there enought Australian blenders to warrant a conferance?” (more betterar).

Oh, and (please don’t take this as an insult) would you be able to capitalise things properly? It does make a difference, in both making the reading a little easier, and what people think of you.

australia is make-believe, like leprechauns and eskimos.


sorry I am not very good at grammer I have tried to improve. Would you like to meet up to discuss work ideas? How long have you been rendering for?

Just tell me where and I’ll (try to) be there!!!

Australia has actually hosted a conference in the before. In 2004 myself and Levon did all the organisation and held a big conference at the Australian Institute of Technology in Sydney.

I would say there are certainly enough users to warrant a conference, I suppose we had probably 40-50 attendees over the two days. I’d be interested in helping organise another Aussie Blender conference, however I do live in Brisbane.

If you are serious about organising such an event, I highgly recommend AIT as a venue again, as they have many computer labs as well as projection equipment, and they actually teach animation. They also have a motion capture studio.

Don’t underestimate the logistical problems involved with organising such an event, as you will invariably have people flying in from other states given the size of Aus.

If nyone wants further details, PM me and I’ll see what I can do.

I was one of the 40-50 and it was well worth the 6 hour trip (yeah, I know that’s not much as far as aus goes). It’s great to get lots of minds in the one space and work out problems and new techniques.
I also learnt there was such a thing as CVS!

so we should all get together some time, what day is best for everyone? By the way what is CVS!N?

Yes, it would be great to get together but as timmeh says it’s a big deal to organise (insurance, travel & accomodation etc). Not to put a dampener on it, it would be well worth it. I think it’s just a matter of chosing a date and place that’s good for the organiser and see who else can come. The AIT in Sydney was an excellent venue. Very accomodating and supportive.

As far as CVS goes, I can’t remember what it stands for but it’s it a version of Blender that includes all the latest additions from all our wonderful developers. All sorts of new goodies every few days!!!
Usually works-in-progress so expect the occasional crash.
Find them here

and check this out too
whcih refers to this development version which inlcudes the new sculpting tools and retopo brush

thers’ a linux version there too.

For a big event yes it would take a lot of organising but just to get together as a small group around a computer and work on projects together and learn together would be cool, as i am very new and am sure there is a lot you can teach me that i can not get from just reading tutorials, would you be willing?

Excellent idea. Aussies love technology and often take it up faster than other countries so I think a well-advertised Blender conference would be more than well-attended.

I suppose West Oz would be out of the question? :slight_smile: We do have a big, government-funded convention centre that no one seems to be using most of the time. They’d probably pay you to hire it!

I’m four hours drive from Perth, so Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney all look pretty distant! A WA conference would be nice but they do say WA really stands for “wait awhile” don’t they? :wink:

If it’s east of the Nullarbor, I guess I’d have to attend in spirit only. But you never know… maybe I could tee-up to visit some art galleries while I’m there and get some of my paintings hanging “over east”.

Either way, I’ll watch progress with interest. I don’t envy the logistical nightmare though - I get shivers even thinking about someone else organising it!

So, something like a few people meeting once a week/fornight/month at, say, the state library in Melbourne*? (For those in vic, other locations could arrange things differently)

Hmmm… how about we start by setting up small groups around the country, then after a while start arranging for a big meeting? I’m expecting the earliest (using this sort of approach) we’d get a conference type thing happening would be 2008 (spend about half a year or something just getting the small groups workin’, then about six months or more planning and arranging the big thing).

Thats is exactualy what I am saying 1Smildanach allthough we wouldn’t be able to use blender on state libbarys computers, I would be happy to host it at my house as there is plenty of space in my study to sit around the computer and chat and work together on projects gaining ideas what do you say?

By the way AndyD your fantastic I can not beleave you live so close in Perth I will have to visit you next time I am in Perth deal?

By the way AndyD your fantastic I can not beleave you live so close in Perth I will have to visit you next time I am in Perth deal?

He he thanks :slight_smile: <blush>

I’m closer to Albany - 400km south of Perth - but if you’re passing by you’re certainly welcome to drop in.

gathers up all the Tasmanian Blenderheads

…piss, well there’s not very many is there? :eek:

2008 or 2009 sounds like a good idea

except teltra with high speed internet :wink: and considering the vast distances in this country, we have a great need for it (“need” is a relative term of course) and yet we’ve got the slowest in the developed world.

It’s the lots of space not many people problem. You know we have the highest road per capital ratio in the world?

Well there’s only about 4 or 5 people in total LIVING in Tasmania so you can hardly expect alot of Blenderererers :stuck_out_tongue:

and of course the whole country is miles from anywhere (again “anywhere” is a relative term).

Still, would you want to live anywhere else? Not me.

You could start a class rather than a user group. I’ll bet you’d get a whole bunch of people responding to a “Learn 3D animation” poster.

but yeah, i know what you mean. I’m in rural NSW and don’t know of any other blender users in my area either, not that I’ve gone looking for them especially. I did have in mind to start a class though.