Are there gonna be much issues if my scene scale is a bit messed up?

So I started to animate this scene few days ago, using a hand rig I found online. Thing is I did not check the scale of it, and the hand rig turned out to be quite large, and I have been so far into the animation that I think trying to scale it now would just cause more problem.
My question is would there be much issues down the line if I keep animating with this scale? Currently I’m mostly wondering about the light power level, as I have to set it to very high in order for everything to shows up properly. My intention with this scene would just to render a weapon animation set, and I will pay more attention to the numbers next time. Thank you.

Well u could always apply the scale with ctrl A to avoid any problems.

You can , as said Jon, apply the scale, but it often sucks with the root bone position if it’s animated. So the method for correcting that is: create an empty. Constraint position on root bone… constraint rotation on root bone. Bake… remove constraints. Apply scale on skeleton. Constraint (bone constraint) position of the root bone on the empty. Constraint rotation on the empty. Bake action. Remove constraints.
I often have this kind of situation, importing fbx in blender and for characters I apply this method on the hips bone.

I did try to apply the scale to the armature, but yup it did not turn out well. I’m very much still finding my way around with Blender, so can you explain your method in a bit more details, if it’s not too much of a hassle? Many thanks.