Are there Known Problems with installing Animation Nodes on 2.79 ?

Hello All,
I have used Jacques them on 2.78 But now on 2.79 I cant get it to load. If it did load I am not sure what to search for to expose it to turn it on. Sometimes addons dont show up when searched. I am unsure where to put the addon animation zip file. ( what folder )folder I am not sure what .py I should pick Or should I pick the zip files. I did see a video someplaced that showed we should pick one of the .py files. Also I am not understanding why it suggests I should try to download the c++ as I did not do that for 2.78c ? Animation Nodes are written In Python right ?
thank you

There are no issues I know of, provided you install as described in the Manual.

All you need to know to install AN is in here:

You have to do exactly what it says…

Cheers, Clock.


You also need to be running the official release of Blender, NOT daily builds. Also make sure you get AN from the link in the Manual => Install page.