Are there shortcuts to switching between Default view and UV editing?

Is there a key shortcut for these?

Shit, sorry… Too bad i can’t delete the thread :frowning:

The views are sorted alphabetically. So, if you rename Default to something like “1 - Default” and UV Editing e. g. to “2 - UV Editing”, you can switch between them quickly with CTRL-right/left arrow keys…

Default > CTRL-right > UV Editing > CTRL-left > Default.

That is excellent, but is there a way to make that the default names for them so i don’t have to rename them for every new model?

Get it exactly the way you like it and save as startup file ( File menu) and save user preferences (for the shortcuts).

Yup. Sorry, I forgot to mention that you will need to do a CTRL-U (Save startup file) to make that renaming permanent.

Caution, though, as to when you initiate that CTRL-U, because everything in that file at that time will be a part of the new startup file. So, ideally you start Blender, change the names of the views first before doing anything else and then save as startup file.