Are there some shortcuts to adjust the size/hardness/flow of the brush?

I have to download the last version now because I have the 2.77, but anyway I’d like to know if in this version or in the newest ones it is possible to increase/decrease the size of the brush in Texture Paint and same for hardness/flow ecc.
I can do it in Substance Painter, Krita and Affinity and I’m used to do it. Still I haven’t discovered how, in Blender.

hit f to resize brush, and for a softer edge adjust the curve setting. For a soft edge try something like this: (the curve was adjusted by hand)

Try F and shift+F for size and strength respectively. Not sure what you mean by flow, if it’s dab frequency, then it’s under Stroke > Spacing.

Thanks! With flow I was meaning Opacity anyway. :slight_smile: