Are there still plans to let the community help with Durian?

Beyond buying DVD’s and spreading the word, I mean. I remember there was a durian blog post that suggested letting the community help with various background detail items. I just think this would be so awesomely cool if Ton was able to co-ordinate it.

Has anyone heard anything since that blog post?

Well we still have a very large city set, which was the type of set Ton was wanting to have a community Detail Legion for. Outside of that I can’t say much other than I don’t think it has been ruled out at all. :slight_smile:

More details on the blog when there are more details to give. I’m still here in Australia until Dec 1st, so just posting what I know. The team has been very busy lately with tests, visa gear and the conference after all.

Thanks Ben. Good to know.

Also good to see an Adelaidian on team (I graduated Visual Arts from UniSA myself :))