Are there top notch courses for Davinchi Resolve 16+? Or should I use other video editing software?

Hello friends, from time to time I have to edit videos. Currently I use Blender’s video editor, but I saw CGmatter guy used Davinchi Resolve and I heard a lot about it recently like it’s one of the best video editing softwares plus it’s free. What do you think about Resolve? Should I learn it or there is something better? I know there are Adobe Premiere and After Effects (what is the difference between them anyway?), are they better?
And I checked youtube for comprehensive video tutorials, like donut / anvil / apples tuts for Blender, but didn’t find good ones for Resolve, or I was looking bad. Can someone recommend top notch tutorial for a complete Resolve beginner?
Thank you in advance!

There are tins of Resolve tutorials on YT.

This dude has loads of tuts on every subject.

When I switched from Mac to PC I also switched from FCPX to Resolve and I’d never go back. You couldn’t pay me to use Adobe software. It’s worth paying for the Studio version of Resolve as it adds better codec support and a lot of useful effects and features such as camera tracking, optical flow tools and temporal noise filtering.