Are these bugs or is it just me?

Like the Tile says, Are these bugs or is it just me?

1/ try and put down 13 Sensors connected to 13 controllers. The Controllers stop numbering them selves after they reach 10. This means you will have multiple number 10 controllers. The problem with this is when you go to reorder the controllers…lets say the last one… some other controller will move, and not the one you selected. If you re-number them, 11, 12, 13… they will work correctly. So this is a numbering thing… and a bug???

The controllers numbers should keep increasing automatically (IMO)

2/Change the name of a property, any Sensor or Actuator that was looking for that property are now broken. Bug???

They should automatically update (IMO)

Stuff like this Houdini does well. Change the name of something and anything (even expressions) linked to that object, automatically update.

Am I going crazy?

P.S. I made a boo boo… instead of property, I accidentally wrote parameter. Fixed now.
Sorry for any confusion.

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Also for game engine properties, I would love to see a way to change the order
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They sound like bugs to me. I haven’t noticed number 1, but number 2 I have.

That is the reason for this weird behavior?
Interesting. I noticed such things a while ago. Usually I do not have that much controllers at one state. I usually rename my Expression and Python controllers with the content of the setup line. (since 2.5 there is not enough space to read the names :().
That leaves some AND and OR controllers with auto-naming.

Could be a bug with the 2.5 GUI redesign -> Bugtracker.