Are these fireflies or is this just noise?

I am doing a scene and added a glas dome on top of my scene, and i’m noticing a lot of noise/fireflies.
Does anyone know what this is and how to fix it?
If I use denoising it just makes the entire render blurry…

One part of the scene rendered at 256 samples.

My settings;

No glass dome(roof) with denoising

With glass dome and with denoising, notice the light got a lot less bright?

You might want to try increasing your glossy bounces, these affect glass quite a bit, but more pertinent to your question, creating a “thin glass” might help as shown in the video.

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Thanks for the link, very interesting.

I applied his shader to the glass, the fireflies are significantly less(haven’t tried increasing glossy bounces yet);

However it still has a lot of noise, I guess that’s fixed by significantly bumping up my samples?

Also my glass is 2.5cm thick, i’ll try 1cm next

I changed my node set up and inreased glossy rays to 12, it looks significantly better and the lighting is correct now too.

Made render at 400 samples, seems to be pretty good, though still a bit noisy but i’ll just bump up the samples and enable denoising. Maybe even increase resolution.