Are these parts compatible?

Hey guys, I’m building a new computer for the first time, and I’d like you to check over the parts I’ve selected and make sure they’re compatible, if you don’t mind. :slight_smile:
I hope this is visible, I think I set it correctly:
Feel free to make suggestions, but I don’t want to spend more than this, and I’d prefer not to make any really drastic changes.
Thanks for your help!

take a screenshot and crop it so it doesn’t tell any sensitive info - because we can’t go into your secure account information even with link provided

sorry dude, but it really isn’t visible… you can do what he said or just copy and paste

Here are direct links to the parts in question:
video card-
Power supply-


Can anyone help out?

Not a tweaker at all but,
the graphic card is PCIe-16 and the mobo has 1 of those so that’s good
Processer is LGA775 socket idem for the mobo so that’s good
Power suply had 400 watt so thats cool but the effecienty is kinda lame at around 70% pay a bit more and you will see that rise to 85% wich you will normally see in your bill at the end of the month
Memory DDR 400 with 184pins just like the mobo so that’s good BUT your mobo has 2 memory slots so or you buy 2 of those ore you buy 2 512Mb memory’s cuzz that will be faster then 1 of 1Gb
Hard disks are never a real issue I think

and if you want dolby’ish surround system speakers you might wanna buy a sound card but that’s 50bucks so up to you.

but I’m no expert