Are they among us? - what have you seen!

Hi all,

This issue has been off the agender for quite a while now. From what I know atleast.

Please be as honest as you can and provide some reason for your opinions. If you are a believer or non-believer in ghosts, UFOs, etc…tell us why. You can also provide some links and stories that support your argument.

I’d also be interested to hear any strange experiences that you might have had.

Maybe we could all shed some light on the Bermuda-Triangle, crop circles etc…

Thanks for taking part!

I believe a lot of what people see has some scientific explanation. I remember seeing a story once about paranormal happenings and this lady who saw all sorts of wierd lights in her bedroom. After finding out she wasn’t on drugs, scientists were able to induce the phenomena in a lab using radio signals that interfered with brain patterns. When they went back to her house, they scanned all over her house for a source of such radiation and found nothing, until they saw a clock radio. They measured the electromagnetic or radio waves (I forget) and it had a similar pattern to what was seen in the lab.

U.F.O’s has such a broad definition. You could live in a hole for 20 years, not tuned into anything going on in the world, and when you came out you would see an aircraft that you couldn’t identify. If your talking about spacecraft, could be a balloon reflecting light, expecially if it has many areas of silver on it.

Aliens- if your talking about our universe alone, then its quite possible that we are the only ones here. There may be some super-universal law that nobody knows about that states that only one organism can be dominant in a universe. If there are multiple universes then it is highly unlikely we are alone in the humongous scheme of things.

Bermuda Triangle- Many experiments have been performed, and the leading theory is that a massive release of methane gas can cause the phenomena experienced here.

Of all above, UFO’s are probably most believable.

i have twice seen ufo’s and while one remains a mystery, the other turned out to be a test missile that exploded in the air and left a very strange looking cloud. so, as long as people see things in the sky and don’t know what they are i would have to say that yes, ufo’s are out there.

There was a crop circle on our front lawn a couple of years ago. A perfectly round burned circle in the grass approx 30 cm in diameter. While not a UFO, this is near enough. :wink:


Why the sudden ouburst of weird conspiracy theory threads?

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its better than spam threads. and a conspiracy theory thread gives a nice discussion or a flamewar.

Thanks for the replies.

I’d like to know more about that Bermuda Triangle theory. Where does the methane gas come from? Could it be an under water volcano? Could it have something to do with the controversial existance of Atlantis that is thought to have sunk at the Bermuda Triangle? What explains the ships that return without a single crew onboard after going through the Bermuda-Triangle?

I’d also like to hear more weird stories so don’t stop posting.


Jon (In search of the truth) :-?

the universe is huge…from a scientific view theres no possible way we’re alone :stuck_out_tongue:

Yet most leading scientists deny the existance of UFOs, aliens etc…

If there really is a chance of other life out there, there is also a good chance that they have evolved much faster than we have. Why is this for a scientist so hard to believe.

Most scientists only go as far as saying that there could be some microscoping organisms out there that were propelled into space from earth as a result of a meteor and have since on earth become extinct and are no longer known by us.

Let us assume for just a moment that recently scientists did discover a superior life form living in our galaxy. Do you really think that they would reveal this to the whole world. What interest would the government have in telling the world that we are not alone? Even if this superior race had the intentions of destroying our race, if the government and world leaders didn’t feel that they could do anything in their power to stop the invasion, they probably wouldn’t say just to prevent an international panic, looting, suicides etc…

This is why I believe that it is up to the common person to discover whether or not we are alone. We shouldn’t rely on top-secret studies to let us know. :wink:

It has a lot on the bermuda triangle. The methane gas reduces water density, and the ship then sinks. If you find the article about it, it goes on to state that the largest deposits of methane aren’t found in the general location of most accidents, and although this has been the cause of the sinking of oil rigs in the ocean, it wasn’t fast enough that they couldn’t send a message. So, there really is no hard evidence about ocean flatulence, but its worth it to look at.

I believe in aliens (or at least, extraterrestrial life), but I do not believe they have come to earth, or that they ever will.

And theeth, my life’s dream appears to have been delivered to the wrong address: yours. I’ve wanted to find a crop circle in my yard my whole life. (See the title of my website:

holy shit that’s so clever!

I had a look at the Bermuda-Trangle website. Some very interesting theories old & new. Thanks.


I’ve always found this phenomena to be quite fascinating. Definitely one of my favourites. Check it out and let me know what you thinkg

You’ve got to read this

This next pic will scare you. Look very closely at the pic and take your time.

I voted for aliens, not those little squishy green stupid looking aliens but Gigers aliens! Like An][ares queen, those are awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. I don’t believe in aliens but if i did it would be those.

Heh, clever…
Not as good as that subliminal messages one someone posted before though…


so many no-believers…you people need to get out more…see the world and its mysteries


Lol, that one wasn’ that scarry, I have seen scarrier things then that. A few months ago someone was sending me to something like that but I dind’t know. You heard a relaxing music, some weird text of a person that came from CHina or something like that, and suddenly AARRRGHH!! a big ugly mismade face of nature game into the screen on fullscreen. OOoh my G…(blender) that was just soo ungly. The reason why I really get scarred was because I viewed it at night, it wass fuillscreen, and the music before the ugly things was soo relaxing. :slight_smile:

i think aliens do exist, but none have visited earth. i also dont see any reason for them to be more advaced then us(unless they kidnapped einstien and have been keeping him alive).

You have to consider that depending on their location in space they could have been around for billions of years longer than humans. By the time the Earth formed they could have had an ultr-successful society past the point at which we are now. Also, a certain race somewhere else may have different genetic make-up (if they have genes) that allows them to evolve brain power way faster than humans, hence, an overall smarter race will have greater technology, therefore are by popular definition within society more advanced than us. Even if they are dumber and smaller and lower on evolution than us, then it is possible for them to be more advanced, especially if there are many of them with one great mind instead of a thousand mediocre minds.

i believe in aliens for one simple reason - why should only one planet in the whole of the universe have life on it?

as for supernatural things thats bull s***