Are those animations realistic enough? Your advice?

Hello Blender Lovers! Hope everyone is safe. Here is my new car animation made in Cycles. The tutorial will be posted tomorrow! I tried to make some realistic shots using bright lights and camera movements. Tell me what do you think! .


Yes I think it looks pretty realistic, looks like a cutscene from Forza or something. For me I’m more of an NPR guy, I don’t care how it looks as long as your having fun when your playing the game.

Hey!! Thanks so much for your feedback! But please don’t hate me… what is NPR? :X

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Oh no problem, NPR stands for Non Photo Realistic Rendering, like anime for example. Theres a whole show on YouTube dedicated to it and there are people out there that research how to make animated shaders.

Theres also Pierre Schiller, who is a Blender certified trainer who has made videos on how to reproduce the Guilty Gear Xrd anime style.

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OMG! That’s a brand new world for me!!! Wow! Thanks, I will look at all that! Being 42 years old! This style is really what I use to play with :slight_smile: (Neo Geo). Thanks Brother :slight_smile:

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If you want to know how to sculpt characters I suggest watching this guy.

If you want to know how to model characters I suggest this.

And this is the whole story of a guy who used blender and Unreal Engine to make an animated game.

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Thanks so much Brother! I will look into this! Cheers

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No problem, this is my Subscription list on YouTube you can take a quick look through if you want if your super bored someday, I thought it would be like spam if I just listed all the NPR related stuff in this thread lol.