Are tutorials outdated?

I have found what appeared to be a good set of tutorials at They were authored by Roger Wickes and released on 7-15-2009. The tutorial is written at the beginners level. My question is this. Blender seems to be a rather rapidly developing program. And with this set of tutorials almost 2 years old are they still current enough to be effective without bogging me down. I already ran into a problem with themes that appeared to be just a matter of an updated system. Has the interface changed that much in two years? Are there any “fresh” tutorials out their that might be better suited for me. BTW those tutorials at are not free they cost like $37.50 a month for there monthly subscription which in all fairness allows you access to an enormous amount of tutorials on software and applications from Adobe to Zen Coder. I was introduced to Blender while concversing in a MS Expression Stido forum about a week ago and I am excited to really seeing what blender can do. 57 yo kid here. LOL. Anyone with any suggestions would be appreciated.

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You will face lots of difficulties between version 2.49 and 2.5x
It is quite a great change in the interface.

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Don’t buy tutorials from her. I’m sure they are old. BlenderCookie has constantly updated tutorials:

Thanks for reply any suggestions for up to date training?



Thanks for the reply and confirmation of my suspicions. I will check out the cookie!


Welcome. For Blender 2.5x you will be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive set of (excellent, mostly up-to-date) introductory tutorials than those at


2.49 tutorials can still be used once you have familliarized yourself with the 2.5 interface. there are still similarities, you just have to have an idea of what exactly has changed with the new GUI