Are we limited to 32,767 instances?

Hi All,

I was just reviewing the API documents and ran across this…

usersNumber of times this datablock is referenced
[TABLE=“class: docutils field-list”]
[TR=“class: field-odd field”]
[TH=“class: field-name”]Type :[/TH]
int in [0, 32767], default 0, (readonly)

This implies that there can be no count reference higher than 32,767. So if we create more than 32,767 instances of a single datablock Blender may become unstable…right?

HI I reported a bug 37212 ‘converted objects using hair particle are changed to empty objects when there is a large number of particle’
Perhaps not the same problem but linked. I added a reference to your thread in the problem description.

BoFZeVampire: It’s the exact same problem. In fact, I was trying to find this report the other day so that I could link to it here (but couldn’t quite manage to find the link again after the tracker migration!)