ARE YOU A NEW USER? (Updated Nov 25)

Welcome to Blender and to Elysiun!

A lot of links are broken or unstable due to
having been hacked and its integration with bl;
As soon as the situation is stable I’ll update them all.
In the meantime PM me if you need help

Let’s discuss Elysiun first. Although it’s
populated mainly by artists, which means
that rules are written in elastic, women and
children are welcome and present. Please
keep that in mind; the fact that others use
vulgarities doesn’t imply that you should
stoop to their level.

The way you use this forum will determine
how useful it is as a resource to yourself and
others in the future.
Use a subject title that explains your subject
and that can be found by the search function.
“I need help” will probably get you no help
at all and is useless for a search.

Start a new thread rather than tag a “by the way”
onto an existing thread. This will also make it better
when others search for a topic.

Label more than one question in a post as 1, 2 and 3
so that they can be answered as 1, 2 and 3, as often
each will be answered by a different person.
Take the time to compose your post, especially
questions, so that they make sense, not only to you,
but to others as well.

Use English so that we all can follow the thread. If
English is not your first language and you feel that
you cannot express yourself well enough, then post
it in the best English you can manage and then
again in your own language.

There are useful “sticky” threads at the top of the
‘Blender General’ board, ‘Blender Animation’ board and
the Blender ‘Game Engine’ board.

The knowledgebase is no longer in operation.

The search function is a little goofy but useful. To make it easier;
if you are searching for an answer to a problem try to narrow it down
to one keyword. Browse the boards to see who the people are that
answer the questions on that subject and enter their name in the author field.
Examples: Why can’t I get shadows to work? Keyword=shadows, Author=Theeth
or S68 etc… Does the Game Engine use IPO’s? Keyword=IPO, Author=Saluk
set field to search Game Engine forum only.

The search function only works with terms with 3 letters or more.
So “UV” won’t get any returns, but “UVmapping” will.
To search for multiple terms insert a “+” to the second term:
eg, lighting tutorial will be “lighting +tutorial”
or, “lighting and tutorial”

Is opensauce so the pot is still boiling and new ingredients
are continually being added. As such, much of the available
documentation and many of the tutorials are “out-of-date”.
However, that doesn’t mean that they are outdated. Most of
them are still very relevant, especially to new users. I would
advise using Blender version 2.25 (or 2.23) to work thru
the available tutorials. These versions have the GUI used in
most of the tutorials and have all the functions necessary to
get you thru the learning curve. Once you get the hang of it
you can get the latest version with the new GUI.
Get to the User Guide and Reference Guide here: is the resource site for Blender. There you
will find downloads, MANUALS, tutorials, plugins, products
and links. It will be worth your while to spend an hour or so
browsing the site. If English is not your first language look in
the “Community” section for a link to another forum. There
might just be one in your language!
is the development forum for Blender. Its focus is
on the development of future versions and NOT TO ANSWER
questions here at Elysiun or at
If you would like to contribute to the development effort go here
to see how you can help

You will hear about Tuhopuu. As coders come up with new code ideas, or
improvements to existing code, they use the parallel Tuhopuu tree
to experiment with until code is considered stable/ useful/ practical
enough to incorporate it into the BF-blender tree which will eventually
become the next official release.

Before a new version of Blender is released new code is committed
to the CVS for testing and debugging by users. You can follow this
development and download your own testing build here:
Features committed to CVS are featured here:
You can even help out by reporting bugs or writing minituts
on new features.

If you are completely new to Blender and to 3D apps go here:
and download “Basic Training” Unzip it, open Blender, hit ‘File’,
‘Open’, navigate to where you saved Basic Training, (the file will
have a yellow square on the left of it). Highlight it with your mouse
and click it with your middle mouse button to load it. The text file
will take you from there.
An updated English/Spanish version is here for v2.3x:

Once you have worked your way thru that you can what
tutorials are available here:

You will also need to get to know Blenders’ Hotkeys.
Here is a printable version:

You can open a text window (Shft F11) and load this text into it as a ref. (Shft-Alt-F)
Arrange all your windows, scenes and default objects the way you want them
and hit Ctrl-U to save it. Next time you open Blender your hotkey list will be available.

Blender uses Open GL in it’s display functions. If you are interested to know how then read these:

It also uses a programming language called Python.
If you start Blender without having installed Python
you will get a warning in the console:

‘import site’ failed; use –v for traceback sys_init:warning – no sitedirs added from site module. 

This is just a warning to let you know that Blender
cannot find Python. If you do want to use Python to
extend the capabilities of blender then download here:

If you are new to python and need to know how it works
and how you can use the many available scripts look here:

If you choose to install python or need to use a script that requires a
full Python installation, Blender v2.33 uses Python 2.3.3,
v2.28 and 2.30 use Python v2.2.2 and
Blender v2.23 and 2.25 use python v2.0.1 . Go to the ‘Python and Plugins’ forum
and follow the thread “How to Set your PythonPath 101”

Here is a list of Python scripts:
You can get to the Python and Plugins repository via this link:

If you’re on Mac OS X and having trouble go here:

Many Python scripts were written for v2.23 and prior
and may not work in v2.33. You can run them in the version that
they were written for (with the compatible version of Python) and
then ‘Append’ (see ‘File’ menu) them into the current version
Most versions of Blender can be downloaded here:

Blender can use plugins for procedural textures and for
the sequence editor (allows a transition fron one animated
sequence to the next). They can be downloaded here:

The render function now uses scanline or raytraced rendering.
Some other applications use Raytracer renderers that have a
different approach and some advantages.
For an explanation of raytracing see this:

You can render with Yafray from within Blender
Other Raytracers that can be used with Blender need a python
script to export the blender scene to the chosen app before rendering. See: or
and a basic tut

There are others but these should get you started.

A list of links to export scripts and converters is here:

The following links will take you to pages here on the forum
that I think you will benefit from:

Video tuts

Modelling (subdivision)

2.3x specific: knife:

A human face tutorial that concentrates on getting
edgeloop geometry right from the beginning for
future animation.

Animation: Vertex Keys: 2.3x

Rotoscoping and Spin:

Texturing (UV technique)
Hair tutorial

Animation Workshop:

Action Constraints:

The following is a list of some freeware apps that are usefull with blender:

Terragen: (Generates terrains)

Wings3D (A 3D modeler)


CrossRoads 3D (File conversion for import/export to and from Blender)

This should give you a good introduction to Blender the
app and the Blender tribe. Be prepared to change your

Last update 24 Aug 2005.


are you aiming for moderatorship or something? :slight_smile:

Some parts of the text are very usefull though,…


Hm, this looks like it could form a good beginning of an FAQ (or even parts could go in the FAQ on

Aye I was thinking of that aswell,… this weekend I’ll spend some time on elYsiun again, I might also have time to look into that.


Actually there is a ‘rules’ page ready… will be online ASAP… will take advantage of this too :slight_smile:


Timothy wrote:

are you aiming for moderatorship or something?

:o Gosh, no! I was just being moderate. I could have added don’t bump, don’t crosspost and ignore Cubefan till she gets over her menopause, but that’s the job of the moderators :smiley:

Anyhow, thanks for the offer but I’m already an innovator 8) (wizecrack I couldn’t resist).

Some of the links within the links are dead, I know, but there is so much other introductory stuff that I included them anyway. I’m happy to see a positive response from you all, thanks! My sole intention was to finally have a usefull sig… and a usefull post.


I still await the administrator’s choice about my tutorial links. cough

What makes you think that all your previous sigs and posts weren’t useful as well??? :o

Anyway, it was a nice thought of yours to post this thread… :smiley:

I still await the administrator’s choice about my tutorial links. cough[/quote]

And I’m still waiting to hear back from you on the PM I sent you about linking my tuts to your page. :smiley:

I still await the administrator’s choice about my tutorial links. cough[/quote]

And I’m still waiting to hear back from you on the PM I sent you about linking my tuts to your page. :D[/quote]

I’m not at home and wont be for a couple of weeks, so I can’t work on it right now.

Also, your tutorial is strangely similar to mine:

I still await the administrator’s choice about my tutorial links. cough[/quote]

And I’m still waiting to hear back from you on the PM I sent you about linking my tuts to your page. :D[/quote]

I’m not at home and wont be for a couple of weeks, so I can’t work on it right now.

Also, your tutorial is strangely similar to mine:[/quote]
Just looked at your beginners tut again and I don’t see any real similarities other than a few explanations of buttons. Your tut seems to be on modeling while mine are directed toward texturing. At any rate I sent you the PM well over a month ago. But at this point don’t worry about it. My tuts will do just fine on my own site. We can’t have any copying you know.

simple and clear instruction to get beginner to start off. Beginner working diligently with all tutorials presented should be blending in no time :wink:

You say that diferent versions of python must be used for 2.28 and 2.23. Can I load both python versions on my HDD and which one does 2.25 use?

Thank you for these guidlines. They have helped me into the light.


Publisher 2.25 uses Python v2.0.1

I don’t know the answer to your other question as I only use 2.23
It may be better for you to ask this in the Blender General forum if you don’t get an answer fron someone else here.


I think this thread should be sticky…

Fligh, I never saw this because I skipped out in the spring, lemme just say its a very impressive piece of work and it only raises my opinion of you as a community member one notch higher. Like you said…there is a lot more to be said, but its a mouthful.

I just had the idea that Elysiun should come with a manual, but that seemed a bit silly…then I realized a PDF download of the Official Guide to Elysiun would be a fantastic thing for everyone to have a copy of, including the mods.

It could have the rules, an FAQ, you name it. And when a person registers they can be required to download it. (sure there’s REAL way to enfore this, but it’d be worth a shot). Just an idea!

Yes, stick it.

Oh and



Here is the answer to your question about different versions of Python. Answered by Theeth.

Just goes to show that you should ask questions in the right forum.


Updated with links that should be useful to all especially those having trouble with Python on Mac OS X.

Let me know if there’s anything I’ve left out.


Wow, I’m glad I found this page (topic).

I have been looking at 3D stuff off and on for several years. I just spent 2 intense weeks looking at what is out there now and narrowed my search down to Wings3D, SILO and Blender. But only Blender does modeling, animation and rendering.

The thought of learning 3 new programs was too daunting and I was really impressed with the stuff done with Blender and the community support.

I just spent 5 frustrating hours on the “30 min.” Gingerbread man tuturiol. Gees nothing about Blender is like any Windows GUI even “save” and “open” are odd. 3 tuts and 1 hour later I found the mirror function is now the “MKEY” Whew! A reasonable approach…who knew!

Anyway I was thrilled when I was able to use the MMB to rotate and view “my” creation. Blender is so fast…but I still can’t get the camera set up right or the ground plane. Not asking for help yet…just venting a little…

I was pleased to see some more help for “newbies” listed on the first page of this thread (Thanks very much Fligh %) Have not tried them yet but will. You have given me new hope! :expressionless: Sigh!

Bob C.