Are you a Rockstar RIGGER or ANIMATOR?

Hourly Freelance: Less than 30 hrs/week
Project Length:


Verse Hunter is a mobile game designed to focus on theplayer–the only way to develop a great game. The app willevolve the art of Scripture memorization, aimed at twenty-onemillion Christian millennials who read the Bible.

We are looking for a professional who love to give characters the breath of life. Like us, you’re ambitious and passionateabout your work. We embrace those who are humble andcan work in a fluid and changing environment.

That’s where you come in.

Be part of the team that will bring our universe to life. Asa creative genius, you will apply refined animation fundamentals to creatures and characters. Armed with 3D talents, you will rig and animate characters in aflexible and feedback-driven pipeline.

Note: Those who only either rig or animate may apply!


  • Educated: you are up to date with the latest technologies and artistic trends
  • Creative: you excel at various disciplines, including talents that reach beyond the 3D realm
  • Detailed: you have a keen eye for volume and movement, able to pinpoint how to best bring the character to life
  • Humble: you covet constructive criticism so you can grow, and are eager to collaborate and provide your own feedback to produce a strong team and product


  • Collaborate with 3D artists and the game designer to bring visual narrative to the game
  • Rig & animate characters and creatures
  • Give and receive constructive feedback across disciplines


Please send an email to [email protected]

  • First and Last Name
  • Resumé
  • Online portfolio link (demonstrating full rigs or animations)


3D Animator & Rigger.pdf (1.38 MB)