Are you a skier?? if so come answer my question

i love to ski had a seasons pass to one mountain last year and this year im getting a pass to 3 mountains. i dont get much of a thrill going fast down a mount (although i can) but i do get the thrills going off jumps and side trails and another one of my favorite things to do is ski backwards. so this year im thinking about gettin some twin tips. if you dont know wat they are then you cant answer my question. but if you do here is my question. Is it hard to turn on your edgedges with twin tips because of the back tip is the same as the front tip? my frend was telling me that he thinks they would be hard to turn in because the back tail is symetrical with the front tail.

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not sure wat ur sayinjg

im personaly a snowboarder but my father is a very good skier, he uses skies like that without poles, and it doesnt seem hard for him to do jumps and go crazy fast down a hill

i personaly think its all personal preferance, if they were very hard to use they wouldnt be selling, just put it that way lol, and if i remember correctly, its all in the pivot point and not dependent on the layout (i mean the small variations)

Actually, a twin tip IS a snowboard, if I remember correctly? A snowboard which is uniform all over the length, right?

If so, I can’t help you :smiley:
I’m a skier only (a pretty good one…but hey, I’m from Austria… :D) and never had the courage to learn snowboarding…just wanted to see if it really is that weird kind of board?

No. A twin tip ski is a ski where the tail end is turned up like the front. It makes it easier to ski backwards, and it doesn’t require a lot more pressure on the back when negotiating turns backwards. They are generally wider at the tail too (so they are like super-thin snowboards if thats what you meant). These should also help land tricks where you end up travelling backwards after a jump.

I’m more of a snowboarder too, and I don’t like skiing. But from what I hear, turning while going backwards shouldn’t be any harder from the way you’d do it facing forward because the ski is designed to do just that. It may be slightly different because of your orientation in relation to direction of travel.

Generally speaking, it shouldn’t be any harder. If anything, I would asume it’s easier. Wikipedia states it allows a skier to realease from a turn ealier if this is of any help.

wat i am getting at is that because the back tip is the same as the front will it make it harder for me to turn normaly (going forward not backward)

whell i mainly use skiblades (which are the same as twin tips except they are only about 2 or 3 feet long) but i have used all kinds of ski “devices” (if that is the term) and when i used twin tips turning normaly was just as easy as normal skis. my advice would be to rent a pair first before actuly buying a pair.

No. it wont.

Ah, I see…now I wonder what I mixed that up with…O_o

thats the answer i was lookin for , lol

ok update. heres the skis im getting (hopefully) i dont want my step ma spending to much money on skis since im growing, so i need new skis each year. im still a kid so im on youths, i found this company that only sells the skis i want. they are awesome. here are the only youth skis they have . the sits is called line skis