are you cheap at christmas

yes, actually all dam year but it seems to show the most at christmas.

for my dad a belt, and some cheap picture frames.
my mom some cheap picture frames, and a candel
for my girlfriend (last year, we broke up last month, proably cause iam cheap!) a $30 ring…from walmart

the worst this year however is a coworker who has been great to me all year, brings in food, gave me a great computer when she bought her daughter a laptop. i asked what can i get you for christmas, she said nothing, then said she needed scissors. so what did i do, i bought two pairs of scissors from the dollar tree to try and compensate for not buying her one good pair from a normal store. iam so fucking cheap it is not funny!!! :expressionless:

the list goes on and on, cheap stuff from my work, walmart, or dollar tree. please say their are people worse then me.

please relate and leave your cheapest gift either at christmas or any other holiday or time.

my best friend may have me beat however, more lazy then cheap, he printed out a worlds best mom certificate from some website and gave it to her for her birthday, the funniest thing i have ever seen. i think it would have been better to just get her nothing, or some good scissors from the dollar tree! :smiley:

You know if you put some thought into those people of yours, then maybe it wouldn’t matter how cheap they are. Just give nothing if you ain’t going to think of them.

im not cheap at chirsmas but i dont usualy put alot of money into a gift normaly i put more work rather than money, because something you make seems alot more personal than somthing you buy does anyone agree with me on this?

You want cheap?

I’m giving everyone posters of artwork I’ve done in my favorite free software. :slight_smile:

Wu: that is jsut wrong! I am cheap too (haven’t even bought gifts yet…) still, she brings you food! co’mon man! Return those scissors, and go to a sewing store, you should be able to pick up a pretty high quality pair for around $10 go for one that’s multipurpose, e.g. it’ll work for cooking, paper, and cloth, so you’ll have covered all the bases since you don’t know what she wants them for.

I try not to be cheap, but this year I’m just poor for a lot of various reasons. Anyway my girlfriend and I are doing mostly homemade type things this year.
But for my dad’s birthday things are different. For the last several years I’ve only given him a card. Not just any card, but the exact card (my mom saves it every year) and he never remembers. And we always tell him afterwards, and it is always pretty funny.
PS get her some good scissors.

Those japanese scissors are pretty good, in case you don’t know where to find them try here

I don’t know if I meant that nice, but I meant something that will last longer than 3 weeks, and is sharp.

Well, the snippet are only 11-16 USD.

Like Macaroni art!

I’ve spent only about 90 euros, and this is probably the biggest amount of money I’ve ever spent on gifts, on christmas presents and that includes gifts for 5 people. I tried to buy stuff, that is a) usefull, b)funny and c) thoughtfull.

I budgeted for about a $200-$300 gift for my girlfriend. And I just found out that she’s been trying to get me an upgrade to LightWave 9. Christmas is about the only time of the year I ever buy non-necessities. I’m a tightwad the rest of the year. That’s how I can afford to go nuts when the holidays come around.

There’s cheap, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a sucky gift.

One Panoramic photo of mine Printed 20" by 8" by - £6.99
One Picture frame to fit the above Panoramic Photo - £7.99

Seeing my sisters surprise when recieving such a unique gift - Priceless.

No Mastercard used either! :wink:

Wu, I was actually crying with laughter when I read that. That bit about the certificate made my day worthwhile :).

As for my own family, I don’t really buy gifts at all. I find the whole act very meaningless and I resent being pressured into adjusting my feelings towards people based on an equally meaningless national holiday.

Thanks to the whole pointless affair, we do sort of exchange gifts but it’s not really in the traditional way. It’s just a way to satisfy the lame dialog that people who don’t know you use to pass time. Y’know the whole:“so what did you get for Christmas?” thing.

So what we do is wait until the sales in January and then exchange roughly equal amounts of money on each other for something we really want:

The advantage is that you always get what you want, you don’t feel guilty about not spending enough or disappointed that you spent too much, you get the stuff cheaper anyway (if you’re lucky you get very cheap unwanted gifts on ebay) and you can sleep in on Christmas morning because there are no presents to be opened.

The disadvantage is that the spirit of Christmas is practically dead but I don’t really care. As most of you should know, I don’t hold such temporary things in very high regard and Christmas, being one of the most false and commercialized occasions of all comes pretty low down on the scale.

Merry Christmas everyone ;).

I normally don’t go crazy with gifts, I’m taking a few friends to lunch today for christmas which is probably gonna be around 60 USD then I got my girlfriend a necklace for 80 USD and taking her out to dinner for about 40 USD so around 200 USD give or take for christmas.

osx: I rather agree with you here, as I also agree with aiden about if you are going to give gifts, put work into it and make it meaningful (“he spent 7 hours making this”…) but as I am very pressured into giving gifts, and have no money, I am not sure what to do this year.

thanks for the tips, i actually gave her the scissors today at work, she thought it was funny, they were just for wraping gifts, she said she was having to use mini scissors from her daughter, so even these scissors being cheap she said she was greatfull, haha, iam cheap!

i like buying people things and putting thought into it, but i also like being given a idea on what to buy. i hate when people say buy what ever, because i know the christmas gifts i get that i dont like i throw away immediatly. people say they dont want a grocery list of things to buy for me, but i like getting a list. and i get exactly whats on the list!

so she said she wants scissors, so i got her sissors, but i just didnt say that i only paid $1 for them, hahahahahaha!!!

This is Wu, deep down inside.

WhiteBoy- DIE!!!

haha you made my day man!!
althought that sounds more like osxrules then me after reading his post! :smiley:


i just spent like $150 in one shopping trip.

and i have no job! i have no idea where that money is going to come from!

it is because i just got a debit card, it makes it so much easier to spend.