Are you fustrated that your AMD/ATI card doesn't work with blender cycles

Are you frustrated that your AMD/ATI card doesn’t work with blender cycles…if yes then like this Facebook cause

Are you frustrated with all these people making blenderartists posts / threads about AMD cards not working with cycles… if yes then like this, this doesnt make any sense.

I have posted multiple times about this… the developers have been working hard WITH AMD to get it all working, and there HAVE been progressions – … these drivers are not out yet, they will be shortly…

If you want to help out with development, you can always donate your time to help code, or donate money to the blender development fund – everyone

It doesn’t even work with my old enough Nvidia card. I don’t care about it too much. As for me GPU rendering is overratted (unless it’s a complex solution like in LuxRender).

What a bad case of foul propaganda… go away.

U blenderheads rnt giving this a fare trial…
By ourselves its hard…
But in numbers we have a chance…

I hope AMDs new opencl implementation learns of CUDAs mistake…i.e. Through good optimization e.g. Memory usage…

Ps im not a programmer

try the latest drivers for ure nvidia card + under system in blender properties select gpu…+get the latest build from graphical + choose experimental in the render panel etc

You’re just mumbling random stuff with no substance.

Facts are:

So basically the BF does the best to their abilities to deliver a working solution as fast as possible, while you create a ragegroup to wine that it isn’t working (yet!) and how unfair it is that you don’t get it now. And on top of all it costs you nothing.


Like doublebishop said, if you want to do something useful create a group to raise fund and donate them to the BF, then they can hire another paid developer to help in the endavour.

You’re here bitching about something that’s a known issue and being worked on.
One doesn’t even remotely need to be a blender fanboy to see how ridiculous your “cause” is.

So what’s the cause anyways you’re talking about?
You want to gather people to protest to get the BF into buying a unicorn that magically vomits code while the devs sleep?
You want to protest so the EU allows human cloning and the BF gets a few more Brechts?
You want to rally an angry mob to go to the BF with torches and pitchforks sieging the devs there and preventing them from sleep

it overrated because you are not using it…that can’t be the definition of overrated. My friend there is nothing overrated about completing a hours long render in mere minutes.

The current limitations of GPU a newish architecture which programmers are still figuring out, most GPU raytracer are have a limited feature set compared to CPU render engines, and limited RAM are problems that are going to be solved in a few years time.

The ram one is instantly solvable sticking more ram on a graphics card can’t be too hard. the other one will might take time but I can’t bet you the are going to do it

TBH, any fundraising to BF cannot make ATI developers move their arses faster (maybe only indirectly, more ppl will complain and marketing department kick some AMD driver developers?).

And crappy (to say best) AMD OpenCL compiler cannot be fixed from non AMD insiders with all that NDA and access to OpenCL source code and closed hardware docs. What we all can really do is only scream and hope.

The reason why I am, inadequate ATI/AMD fanatic continue repeating that is simple. That unbelievable low quality compiler (and overall linux Catalyst driver quality) stay between me and bi-dir MLT Cycles on my hardware, all other parts almost done.

basically the gui dont works with most of the ati cards… (especially the mobile atis)

freedom of speech…
Maybe it aint clear but this cuase is aimed at AMD not Bf/brecht
i am not oblivious of there efforts…its still usable interms cpu /and if u didnt know has implemented cycles into there addon
great times ahead
this cause is to put pressure on AMD

This was gathered from another source that i read recently of a person with a similar issue

In addition to all this apparent bitching
i hope amd release their new opencl kernal with CCC 12.2 rather than. 3

this cause is to put pressure on AMD
I can feel them quaking already.
I must say the facebook page you linked to has to go down as one of the most inept campaigns I’ve seen for a long time. The title “Amd/ati Opencl+ Blenderheads+blender Cycles”, does that mean the ati and opencl and cycles work really well together or something else, there is nothing to tell me. I suppose you put in no more than 10 seconds thought before starting the page. Looking at the info section it has nothing ! If you have a cause and want people to support it you really do need to tell them what the cause actually is and why the support is needed.

It would be great if i could protect my wotk on so that only certain people candownload my work

now this is a good non effensive response
this is constructive thanks
Ill make these changes but
in the mean time can u like the cause and spread the word

When i say kernel i mean this
get this released under CCC 12.2 and that will be great

npm1, just be patient, things will settle out eventually. In the meantime I suggest you learn some optimization tricks, use your cpu with cycles, and most importantly do a little research now and then so you are better prepared when you buy your next machine, or even just upgrade your card (you can get a decent nvidia for less than $200).