Are you great in BLENDER ? Be our CONSULTANT !

Worry Not ! Being our consultant can be done right at where you are !

We are looking for a BLENDER CONSULTANT, and our needs are as follow :

  1. You need to be great in technical stuffs. Our queries are mainly about issues with Blender Pipeline.
  2. We need you to improve our MDD - XML solution to bridge Maya and Blender. Working on code review, technical clarifications and similar stuffs.
  3. Last but not least, improve the general Blender pipeline structure and efficiency for series production.

In short, you need to be great technically to support us and to improve what we have now.

If you are reading this, i think you should email us ! [email protected]
And yes ! We’ll pay you too ! Does it sound great to you ?! :slight_smile:


i’m not exactly sure what it is you need. Please clarify what exactly you need, and what the person you hire will need to do.
My portfolio can be found hereif you’re interested.
Thank you,

I think she was being pretty specific. And one would expect a consulting job to be rather open-ended.