Are You Looking For Help?


I am looking to work on a project in a small way.

I’m a jack of all trades master of none kind of guy. Recently I have been learning python in combination with blender’s game engine. I am familiar with other things such as texturing, modelling and animating in blender too.

I’m looking to help on a smaller scale, maybe you are short some Assets? Maybe you need a little bit of logic for your character? About the only thing I do not wish to do is work on story or any business/marketing side of things. I do not require a ‘roll’ and you should probably treat me like third party support rather than an active member of your team.

Unfortunately I do not have recent examples of my work to hand, but here is a car I made back around January this year. I’m away from my main computer at the moment, but if you like I may upload some character and environment (architecture) stuff to my deviantart scraps as well.

I have learnt more since then. The car was part of an animation, which was created by using the game engine using a modified python script taken from a vehicle wrapper script on tutorials for blender:

I’m also working on my own game, which is why I may only be able to help in a small way. If you want my help I need to be able to maintain communication with you. What that means if I post a message I really need a reply within a 24 hour period. It’s important to me for feedback purposes and so I can get answers for any questions if there is not clear instruction.

So hopefully I’ll get some response, this post is probably too long so I’m going to leave it here. Thanks for reading and hopefully I can help you!

You can help with my project, we need a ton of assets. You wouldn’t have to work on anything else if you don’t want to. Check my signature.

Sent you a message, thanks.