Are you moving to canada?

Alright, as a canadian…

Bush doesn’t support gay marriage… yet the declaration of independance grants the same rights and liberties to all… No racism there, whatsoever…

Bush fights terror and saves civilian lives… yet he has killed thousands of Iraqi and afgahni (remeber that one?) civilians, and found no weapons of mass destruction, nor captured that A$%hole Osama Bin Laden.

Bush is a military leader/war time president… yet he skipped his national guard duty to drink with his buddies and race cars.

Bush says he couldn’t have done it without Dick Cheny and his daughters whome he loves an wishes the best… yet he personally is trying to ban one of them from ever getting married to a person they love.

Bush gave convicted rapists the ability to get guns.

Bush executed more mentally retarded and handicapped people convicted of crimes than any other governer

Bush has taken more vacation time than any other president in history (or so I am told)

Bush is a big business mogul who has lost every job he has had after folding numerous big companies… obviously this qualifies him for president.

But most importantly… and I apologize if I offend anyone with this comment, but it is my true belief… Bush is the president of the united states. A country which advocates the seperation of church and state, and fights religious fanatics across the globe. Fanatics who due to their beliefes do not listen to reason and will use no power other than violence to acheive their goals… However, Bush used the evangelical christan vote to win this election. He professed his faith in Jesus and has continually invoked his name in speeches and conferences. He is basically defending the war on terror by siding with God. This is a travesity.

Bush does not truly believe he is doing god’s handy work. god is just a convenient excuse. I don’t think binladen thinks he is really doing Allah’s work. He just hates America and needs an excuse. The war on terror is a Jihad. A “holy” war.

For is it not written in the bible, " That which is ceaser’s, leave unto ceaser. And that which is God’s, leave unto God"?

Even as a Jew, and an athiest, I still find some passages from the bible moving and well written. This is one that all politicians should read.

(you’ll notice that the east and west coast, the educated, social, well bred states all voted for kerry, while the great, unwashed, middle, Red-neck states voted for bush… go figure).

Again, I am not making generalizations, and I am not sayingf that a vote for bush meansd you are a bad person, nor does living in kentucky. I just had to get that off my chest.

I’m not and won’t ever consider to move to Canada, and I don’t see any massive emigration from the US just because president Bush got reelected. If I didn’t want to live in the US I would rally to encourage states to break away from the US and join to create a new country.


(you’ll notice that the east and west coast, the educated, social, well bred states all voted for kerry, while the great, unwashed, middle, Red-neck states voted for bush… go figure).

Well that’s a pretty bold statement right there. It’s a good thing you have the knowledge to make such a judgement. %| This little sentence makes me question the legitimacy of your post. Very mature.

You say all this stuff about Bush, yet you don’t say a thing about Kerry. He’s no saint himself… don’t even get me started on that piece of work.

Yes, that guy is a damned liberal!

And we all know what liberals stand for, and it’s definately not what George Bush wants!


I’d probably have equal sentiments for you if I knew you, idiot. Excellent one-word refutation, I’m sure you apply the same tactics when you weigh in who to vote for, huh?



I thought as much. The parody is a reality, and that is why it’ll be a long time before/if America is ever respected again.

Now, you probably waste a whole lotta good-fishin’ Saturdays readin’ yourself the papers, watchin’ all the talk on the TV, and sittin’ around thinkin’ real hard about which way you gonna vote. Well, it’s a real shame, then, ain’t it, that all that time you spend in real careful considerin’ don’t count for nothin’, once my vote runs y’all’s right off the road.

Hurts don’t it.

:smiley: To say something positive. :smiley:

I’m happy that there is a maximum of two terms in office.

Something, other countries should learn from.

But I fear there is another Bush behind the bushes. :expressionless:

BTW: I can’t understand why the worlds leading democracy has still problems to count the votes. You had 200 years practice.
Strange. %|

Are you trying to say that the largest majority popular vote in American history was “counted wrong”?


Bye bye shbaz, you gay little nerd.

how immature

anyway, my immediate response is:


well there goes the next four years

No. Have no hints.

But I wonder about that “could be votes” (don’t no the term) in Ohio, different voting systems, chrashing voting maschines, voting voters after official closing of the polling stations, same name on different voters list, no need for a passport in some states and what not.

Not to talk about the 2000 election.

This sounds very strange from the outside.


No. Have no hints.

But I wonder about that “could be votes” (don’t no the term) in Ohio, different voting systems, chrashing voting maschines, voting voters after official clsoing the polling stations, same name on different voters list, no need for a passport in some states and what not.

Not to talk about the 2000 election.

This sounds very strange from the outside.[/quote]
County based image for electoral presidential voting. From

BTW-when I said “popular” I meant electoral.

Nearly all the experts from both sides say those were really localized down to a few states, yes ohio was one of them. However if you look at the logistical nightmare that is a voting system in this huge country, you can understand a little more. Besides that most experts believe that votes from these “disenfranchised” voters are most likely republican.

For the rest of you:

Simply unbelievable.

Or maybe it is, sadly. So many “world view” post-modernist/modernist people profess and preach the tolerance doctrine.

And yet many today who preached it yesterday sound like stuck-up, judgmental religious zealots. Yesterday you said to free terrorists from gitmo, today you condemn an entire nation as uneducated, evil, filthy disgusting bastard swine! When the vast majority are level headed HUMAN BEINGS! who want nothing more than to protect themselves and to maybe to hold on to what they believe, some time that’s GASP OMG…traditional values.

No longer are people being assailed because of the color of their skin, or the class in which they exist. Instead they’re swept aside as fools and sub humans for the way they believe, most often this belief is quite harmless and does a lot of good!

I am genuinely hated by many simply because I support a man who is doing what he believes in.

Many of you and many others in the world think he’s corrupt and playing America like a cheap slut. Simultaneously many of you also think he’s brainless and a “cowboy” (what the crap is wrong with a cowboy anyway?), genuinely incompetent and stupid. (How they “co-exist” in the same person?)

And don’t give me this BS that I’m hated, because I am. Many people who talk about America in negative ways say something about “cowboy this” or “back-water that”.

I’m sick and tired of the cynicism and hatred that I feel is pointed at me, my country and my President (even if it were Kerry, he would still be my).

I really don’t like bigotry of any kind.

Yet see here. Liberal a politically correct term for communism and Republicans a politically correct term for moralist. I might move to a Latino or Asian country where there’s more sexual freedom. I’m really considering of moving to the “free state project” A effort to encourage and show the good of a Libertarian like society. I’m hoping that now the rats are out of the picture the Republicans will be a little more supportive of third parties. Not many Republicans agree with the direction that the party is heading toward.

What I find very strange regarding the voting system is that while is is a country wide election, each state has it’s own voting system. More over, while for a majority (by large) of the states the grand electors (is that the proper english term?) vote all the same, some of them splits depending on the repartition of the popular vote (IIRC, Nebraska is one of them, and there are two others).

And Dittohead, I think one can find strangness in an election without disputing its legitimacy. No need to get all defensive.


This thread deserves a horrible death.

To all Kerry supporters:
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What’s that taste in your mouth? Is that…


Well this is such a pleasant thread.

Anyway, bottome line, if you’re living in America and you don’t like the way the president is going, I sure wouldn’t be offended if you packed up and moved to Canada. In fact, please do and spare the rest of us all your constant bitching and moaning. Hell, why not go live with some communists? That way you might actually have a reason to complain.

whiteboy, the problem is that they would move to Canada AND bitch.

I’d condemn a little less than half, actually, and no it wouldn’t be entirely Republican conservatives, because I’ve met the blind Bush-haters too. No one wants to free terrorists, but a lot of people want them to get fair trials. Don’t you feel entitled to a trial before being locked up indefinately? I’d condemn them as uneducated, but I save the other terms you use for actual evil, filthy, disgusting bastard swine rather than relating it to education. Level headed is arbitrary… it depends on what you consider “level.” I live in Oklahoma, a heavily conservative but half Democrat state. What they call “traditional values” I call slavery, if it finds its way to law and policy (it is policy and it’s making its way toward law). The separation between church and state is the separation between slavery and freedom. I won’t hold myself enslaved to someone elses definition of right and wrong. My morals are sound, but subject to change when I find that I’m wrong. Is a book subject to change? Certainly it’s subject to interpretation, but it isn’t going to change when the world’s condition demands it.

I don’t know where you live, but where I live people are frequently though sometimes passively assailed because of skin. There has been an extremely strong correlation between religious zealotry and racism, however ironic that should be.

As for beliefs, Christianity is far from harmless. The racism I talk about isn’t just against black skin. It’s much worse on the arabs. Little girls in my city were suspended from school, yelled at, and called unpatriotic for wearing their headdresses, while white christians pray in front of the school without question. “Damned ragheads need to go back where they came from.” These are the vapid Bush supporters I despise, and this is the feeling I get from the man himself. Polls estimate that close to 90% support bringing prayer back to schools, as if that would really stop the violence. Alienating people who are different even further isn’t going to stop violence, it’s going to create more. More hate for those who are different, more animosity for those who don’t agree with this arbitrary patriotism that so many show through their hate rather than their love. Any time you take a majority and try to force it on the minority in a fit of self-righteousness there is going to be a recoil, and with just cause. Religion of any kind has no place in our schools (which Bush supports) in our government (which Bush supports) or in our troop deployment (which Bush supports; remember the Crusades??).

The reason people think he is playing America like a cheap slut is that he has rewarded so much money in no-bid contracts, he’s connected to the Enron scandel, and he supports stripping away basic rights through the patriot acts (don’t give me the bull that congress passes it - I know that - but he supports it when he claims to be defending freedom, and the patriot act is not freedom). Also, he represents one of the most diverse collections of people in the world with an unchanging single-sided point of view. Minority rights aren’t to be disregarded so easily, it was a founding principle that they should be protected.

Sometimes I throw around the word hate too lightly. I have a hard time hating anyone (even Bush) because I’ve been hated a lot in my life and I understand what causes hate. I definately don’t hate you. You reply to criticism with actual defendable answers, rather than the above BS (since I support freedom, I must be one of “them gays,” eh?). If you’ve thought about it (and you have) and still voted for the guy, all the more power to you. I live in the bowels of the beast I despise though, and I know that most of the people here who voted for Bush did so as tools. I know what they stand for, and I know that the issues that they voted him into office for aren’t the ones that Bush is really going to change the country for (for the most part).

As for bigotry… I’m not intolerant of opinions different from my own, but for the countries sake I just wish people would freaking give reasons for them. If you can’t argue about it and win, then you’re wrong, simple as that. Bush lost the debates, because he can’t come up with reasonable arguments for the things he has done and will continue to do.

Osama claims his goal was to bankrupt the country, and he is doing just that. In the next four years, expect that number to increase by at least 50%, because frankly, his claim that Bush bit the bait hook line and sinker is right on the mark. Instead of continuing to expend all of our resources on OBL, he went to Iraq, a sinkhole that will take (optimistically) at least 1-2 years before we can leave it to the Iraqis.

No, I don’t hate you. I think you have different morals, different objectives in life.

The other two guys who reply with one liner answers and can’t defend anything adequately? It’s pretty hard, but I’ll get over it.

I didn’t say I’m going to leave the country, btw, I said I’ve seriously considered it and it’s a possibility. I may find myself happier surrounded by Yankees than by cowboys.

Oh yes, what’s wrong with cowboys? They are isolated in sparsley populated areas, they have limited sources of information, few people with differing opinions to debate with (if they’ll tolerate differences in opinion) and they listen to their preachers before their minds, unless it involves killing or blowing up stuff. That’s a wild generalization, but it’s surprisingly accurate, and I don’t say that lightly.