Are you really happy?

First off, NO PHILOSIPHY, PLEASE! The reason being that people get really presonal with philosiphy.

All I want to know is if you are really happy. Don’t know why, I’m just curious as to what people will say, rather than if they are telling the truth or not.

I do not consider myself to be truly happy, although I wouldn’t say I’m living a terrible life. But then again, humans are never satisfied and we’ll always have our little and bigger problems.
Cuts off post in order to avoid violating henrymop’s first condition

I wouldn’t say I’m truly the happiest I could be because I have several issues which worry/upset me at present.
That said, I’m not unhappy either.

Happiness = meh

I’m happy right now. Got a fiance, a new job (working in a stockroom, lifting boxes of all sort) and I don’t have money right now (pay in a week). Two good friends.

This is new to me but living as simple as possible, kinda made me happy.

No computers at work, no ****ed up boss telling me to do impossible things.
Only hard work with minimal stress.

Not usually.

I tend to swing between discontent and absolute depression, with a few tiny beams of light occationally poking through the clouds.

I know I can be happier if only there were opportunities to make major changes in my life.

not really happy but kinda feeling better after getting a new job and having gotten a offer for me to move to a co-worker home to help split the rent and utilities (bigger and better place for less than half of what i’m currently paying for) though I’m having a hell of a time trying to look through my lease for a lease cancellation fees and to try and write up an agreement list for me and my possible roommate to have a legal limit of how out of control can we let a possible problems go. Plus instead of this crappy wireless network at home, the new place have DSL :smiley: . I just hope that this guy would wait for me to save up some money to help pay for whatever fees there may be in the move.

I guess that i’m generally feeling better cause i’m finally becoming more sociable and are enjoying the effect at work (Pizza Hut/Taco Bell is where I work at).

I’m curious to why you ask this question Henrymop. Why? Elaborate if you care.

My answer to your question is: No.

happy = yes.

comfortable? no, i don’t think i could really be truly happy if i was completely comfortable. *not philosophy, just my “common sense”.

Well I’m going to go against this depressingly negative trend and say yes, unreservedely so. I have everything I’ve ever wanted. Things couldn’t be better.

I’m happy most of the time, except when i’m not motivated to do anything but drink pop and eat.

nope… but hey… the less happy I am, the more/better/sicker art I produce… when i’m happy i don’t get any nice ideas.

I’m probably happier right now than I’ve ever been, I think, ever since classes started. The best part about it is that I did most of it on my own, too - making myself happier, that is. So yes, I’m quite happy now.

Congrats man!

I’m happy. I’ve got friends, a new job, enough money, a place to stay (a bit shit but with friends), hobbies, I’m 1/3rd the way through a degree in something I love and I’ve got some damn fine whisky in front of me.


I’m curious to why you ask this question Henrymop. Why? Elaborate if you care.

I asked because I was seeing what people would say. Curious. I thought that a lot of people whould say they were happy, which I though that they probibly wern’t. But, it might also be because of the type of people who would reply to this thread. Either, rather sad or happy people.

Yes, always.


Happiness? No.

my happiness will come when I meet that one women who doesn’t lie. :slight_smile:


Happy. Happy with life overall…just HAPPY! :smiley:
(Joyful might be a better word)

Yeah, I’m happy. The only thing I’m unhappy about is the fact that I can’t divulge in a bit of philosiphy here :slight_smile: as I could elaborate on that topic quite a bit.

Pretty much the same here. People say that life is what you make of it and you can be happy if you tried but it’s only partly true. Some people get dealt better hands than others.

Still, I don’t know if I would be happy even if things did go my way more often. Before I was about 14, I used to think ‘normally’ and aim for a career, nice girl to settle with and a house but now that I’ve seen lying (in religion and elsewhere), cheating and consequently divorce, lots of pornograhy (highlighting the meaninglessness of sexual relationships), eviction, distinct lack of a proper career, I just see it all as meaningless.

In short, I’m not particularly happy but I don’t care because I don’t see anything else that I want.

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