Are you satisfied with how blender window system works?

Hi, I recently started using blender with two monitors, and it really bothers me. The layout system doesn’t seem to work well in this situation. I’ll try to explain myself:

First, if I want to create a multi-window layout, I have to detach a new window by shift-clicking in the window corner, but this creates a new layout. But then, if I change the layout, it only changes one of the two, I would like to have layouts that change both windows at the same time.

Also, managing layouts is difficult. If I want to delete a created layout, I have to split an editor, change it to info panel, then delete this layout. This seems awkward.

Also creating new layout configurations is strange, sometimes I have to join a lot of areas, just to close one panel, and then, split them again to create the closed ones.

My questions are: is there already any written proposal to change this behaviours? I could try to write one and even trying to code myself. How do you think it should work?

Blender gets weird across two monitors, and weirder still if the second monitor is on its own vid card.