Are you satisfied with Ton's leadership?

So the story of Blender development is about to close another chapter where Open Movie features took priority over a lot of other things, but the question that might be brought up is this…

Are you, as a Blender user, satisfied with the fact that Ton Roosendaal is the project leader, do you think he is agreeable and a visionary, or do you think that rather, he is a problem and needs to get out of the development scene for good?

Hopefully the poll here can make it very clear what the community thinks, please avoid the temptation to simply use this as a launchpad for character attacks.

Oh, please no… I know you mean well, Ace, but this thread is such a bad idea…

Without knowing day to day details of Mr. Roosendaal’s leadership, I’m not qualified to say. But I know I love Blender and as the most visible proponent of the Blender Foundation, I imagine him to be like an Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak. The software continues to surprise me with new capabilities every year. Whatever he does, it seems to be working.

Ace, Have you considered therapy, medication, yoga. or other forms of self stimulation? Time and time again there are posts like this and I find myself asking something. Do people feel safe around you? Do you share the road with people on a commute to work?

Even with the last sentence of your OP you make a plea for what you know is most likely coming. Don’t this tell you anything about you? Hell lets talk one nut case to another. there is nothing wrong with a personalty disorder, As long as you take charge, Get your head straight and don’t let some page out of the dsm rule your life.

I like Ton and his decisions, however I wish they would keep 1 fulltime on the game engine, the more usable it is, the more revenue and users it will generate,

I am convinced now more then ever it can make games, because I get payed to code them.

I am working on like 6 projects, and 2 are payed, and they are all vastly different games on the same engine.

point click, first person shooter, diablolike , flight sim etc.

It just needs documentation, and a bunch or free and paid assets in a asset browser…

… and the viewport plan to include it,

If this poll wasn’t complete bullshit, this would be an option to vote for. (And 95%+ of users would pick it, because they’re reasonable human beings)

This. x100.

This thread cannot accomplish what you want it to do. Fanboys will click (& argue), trolls will click (& argue), but most of the community will see another flamebait thread (whether you intend it or not, it is flamebait) and pass it by. There is no “good” ending to this even assuming people of either persuasion (including BF mgt) were willing to accept results they don’t like.

I agree,

Is there things I would love to see done with blender, hells yes. But. At the end of the day I don’t know what the leadership knows. All I know is they have a budget, Some paid devs, Some volunteer work, A crap tonne of BA-trolls second guessing them, And I know they have a slew of cost/risk/benefit decisions to make.

Why do they use open movies to push development? Because it most likely is what is needed to give this group of stray cats some focus. Its one thing to have a wishlist with ten thousand cool idea’s on it. It is another thing to have twelve requirements that need done for the next people in line to do their job. And as cool as it can be to check things off of the wishlist. Getting the requirements done gives a validation of work and a proof that the accomplished development can give the artists some value.

Ditto. And, odd thread. Not sure what to think here.

This thread ought to be closed by an administrator here and now.

What this man said. This can’t come to any good.

This poll will show you what this community thinks Ace.
When this is closed make a poll about shutting you down for good Ace Dragon. And lets see.

Really I am more interested in improving the thinking/planning that goes into Blender projects etc. than expressing dissatisfaction with Ton’s ‘leadership’ performance in a poll. Honestly though I don’t think Ton gives a **** what anyone thinks and a good number of people who do no thinking at all will vote for him regardless of what he does or doesn’t do. Basically we are probably stuck with whatever shortcomings he may have until he himself acknowledges things might be done differently and better relying on less personal will/won’t power and with more idea examination and diversity of view. My few cents…
Thanks to ACE for thoughtlessly and needlessly opening a can of worms with a poll though… :rolleyes:

Don’t post a thread while drunk. Drink responsibly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Many people most likely don’t know what goes into running a project like this, well neither do I, but my stance is simple.

If anyone thinks they can do it better, it is an open source project after all. “Just” fork it, make your own fundraiser/kickstarter campaigns, or whatever way you think you can collect the necessary cash and hire your own full time developers. If you do better, well great, all the better for all of us…

There’s an official word for these threads.

Thanks kakapo. I don’t agree very often with Ace, but to mock the man’s sanity like that is moderation worthy. Disagree with the guy by all means but let’s leave the mental insults at the door please?

Yeah, insults really are uncalled for. I have Asperger´s myself, and it´s taken me a long time to understand that what I say might come off as odd at times. I´m a lot older than Ace though, so I´ve (mostly) learned to restrain myself from weirding people out :slight_smile:

Yeah, joining in on ‘this is a bad idea’.

Mostly because we already know the topic is controversial. It has been discussed in detail before, in threads where it was more relevant.

That, and topics explicitly about criticizing a single person tend to result into flamewars/cyberbullying/a combination of both.

Close it yourself Ace, and come out of this with grace.