Are you satisfied with your job?

I wonder how many of us are satisfied with their job.
Do you get up before the cock can awaken you just to get to work or do you have to drag yourself into the shower?
Also, which is your job? You don’t have to tell us how much you earn financially-wise, but what other things does your job earn (or cost) you? I’m talking about things like self-esteem, teamwork, autonomity…
Speak up, Blenderers! :slight_smile:

sigh I’m still looking for a job. I had a $7.50 an hour one with this small company that’s owned by some people at my church, but work was pretty much non-existent for months on end so I ended up quitting. So far I have applied at KB Toys at the mall, AMC Forum 30, MJR Theaters, and I just picked up an application for our local Ram’s Horn restaurant today.

SHIT I had 2 paragraphs typed and I hit the back button on accident. Oh well, cliff’s notes to what I said:

School: Sucks
Working at library: Sucks but at least I can listen to music, but I’m on my feet without a chance to stop or sit down for 4 hours except for a 15 minute break
Teaching piano: Love it and I make $30 an hour doing it.

I work at Circuit City in the imaging (camera) department in sales. They are gonna start teaching me the ropes of computer sales tomorrow. It’s fun, and good pay, but it’s not jump-up-and-run-to-work exciting. Maybe because it’s been really slow lately. That will all change on black Friday, though. I’m also a full time student at county college, which isn’t a thrill. Not that it’s hard, but I HATE getting up in the morning. Such as life. :frowning:


qft same here. I get up at 5:30 and usually get to bed at 11 to 12 due to schoolwork.

tell me about it… I can’t wake up for shit. I’ve been pretty lucky most of my jobs have been pretty flexible in terms of hours. this past week I’ve been editing at home. my favorite. kick back with a bowl of chronic and a beer and get paid to play with video. I’ll stop bragging now, I don’t need people hating me


“kick back with a bowl of chronic and a beer and get paid to play with video.”
Ahahahaha editing video when you’re high. I can just see it.

Client: So what do you have to show me?
You: Uhhhhh, uhhh giggle dude I totally added moustaches to all the guys!!!
Client: Ugh

But ya I’m a TERRIBLE morning person. I can do it if I’ve had a week or two of getting to bed at 9-10pm but even then 5:30am sucks.

Since “my job” is a job of my own devising, I’d better love it. :slight_smile:

But … :confused: sometimes I don’t. I mean, sometimes it really sucks, and I have to “get over it,” sit down in that chair, and “do it anyway.”

Sometimes a day’s work, or an overnight run, is wasted. Sometimes that deadline is a slathering grue. Sometimes “a job at Circuit City” sounds insanely wonderful, because you get to walk out of the store at the end of the night, and no matter what went wrong that day, you got to leave it behind you.

Anyone in the creative arts, whether it be graphics or programming or design or writing or what-have-you, has a similar experience. It’s the nature of the work.

It’s the thing that they never talk about in Writer’s Digest. But it’s just like the Billy Joel song says. If you “can-not han-dle pres-sure!!” … get outa da kitchen.

And… when the work is done, all traces of the agony required to produce it … disappear without a trace. You find yourself staring at that damned DVD, or the five hundred backup copies of :wink: that precious directory, and thinking “what took you so long?”

But it’s done… and tomorrow you’ll show it to the customer… who will say <<>> and… you will … “must … restrain … fist of death …” :smiley:

Some days you love that (as in “on Oscar night”), and some days it absolutely sux.

… but you wouldn’t trade any of it for anything in the world. :smiley:

I’m in the same boat. I may bump into frustrations on occasion, but the benefits of doing what you enjoy for a living outweigh any sleepless nights or hair-pulling… for me, at least.

Love my job? No, I loved it. All 30 years of it (as an ecologist). Now I’m just getting started with what I spent 30 years working for…


I really like my job (love would be going too far ;-). Tech support for small businesses–I get to go somewhere different every day, meet new people, deal with new challenges, drive through at least forty minutes of beautiful scenery every day.

huh? interesting but I don’t understand. what are you starting?

I knew many of us were still studying.
But I’m surprised so many of as at least like their jobs :smiley:
Do ya think that’s because of BlenderNation? :stuck_out_tongue:

@LotRJunkie: Good luck for finding a job! But don’t just find “a job”, find a good one you’ll like! Nothing sucks more than a terrible job
@Valarking: if I recall correctly, this website remembers what you typed even if you use the back button
@Laurifer: cheer up! No-one likes getting up in the morning :valarking’s vomiting smiley: As I always say to myself: that little piece of paper called a diploma can get me that little bit more green later on…
@Noderanger: I hate you :wink:
@Sundail: you can’t like everything forever :slight_smile: Everyone gets a bit tired of their jobs, whatever it is. and for those moments, we have zazen…
@Fligh: I agree with Noderanger. Please explain
@block01cube: ah, a tech support who actually knows what he’s talking about and is not just repeating what his bosses told him to repeat (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, call any tech service of a big company). keep that up!

Sorry if I didn’t respond to you personally and in that case… PM me and scold me for ignoring you!


I hope you guys don’t take offense and get too jealous :smiley: but I’ve
got the Job most Blenderists dream about.

I get to use Blender mostly all day and get paid for it.
Design new products from scratch and see them become
real products a few weeks later (models come alive!)

I take pictures of merchandise, and everything we want
to visualize I get to re-make in 3d (because 3D looks better
than Photos in some cases) :slight_smile:

At work we have BEER and COLA in our fridge, and cases of it
next to it.

We eat warm “dinner” for lunch each day.

And we get invited to the big events such as
International football games, and “beer” parties
with our clients.

God - I love my job! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

silently registers :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re very lucky to have a job like that.

Unfortunately for me, there’s little chance for getting a job doing (3D) CG, except for architectural stuff (which I’m not interested in), so if I’m ever to vote for any of the first three poll choices, that would mean I’d have moved out of this country. So, for now, it’s the last option (unemployed/still studying).


Yeah, sure am.
I can perhaps comfort you with the fact that it took me about 10 years
to come this far (5 years with 3D and 5 years with 2D) - so the secret
is in the “stamina” and “never give up”.

I actually kind of gave up…

…but giving up back then made me “enjoy” what I was doing
as a “hobby” rather than a profession…

…then I started to get the jobs for the first time in my life
doing modeling and “artwork”.

Twisted :slight_smile:

When I landed my job, at first it was extremely intriguing. I work for a hearing aid manufacturer and work on their software. All the enthusiasm died after a couple of years once the mundane stuff started to kick in. I would love to work in the games industry but right now thats not possible.

interesting but I don’t understand. what are you starting?

Retirement man. Never have to look for a job again! Never have to get up just because the sun’s shining and never have to go to sleep just because it’s night. I don’t even have to remember my own birthday, I can make it any day of any week I want!


We (My team mates and me) are trying to run a game developing company from scratch using free software for most of the works.

My work is to model/animate in blender and use other tools like L3DT (to make terrains). Besides I´m the main designer of the games
I REALLY love this jobe altought there isn´t a lot of money (we´re all working for the minimun salary in my country, that is really few money for artists and engineers) but all we think it´s gonna be diferent some day

I´m learning new things about 3D and blender every day and I love that

@Joongle: that’s an impressive job you have there. but I won’t become member of the hate-joongle-club because of it :smiley:
@Wizard: Yeah, the gaming industry is a very tricky business. Of course, you could start an indie project, though that’s risky.
@Fligh: don’t mean to be rude, but how old are you? I had no idea you were ripe enough to get your retirement
@scardario: blender is an awesome piece of software, you’re fully right. it’s the perfect blend of computer savviness, offers the best online community I’ve ever been part of, it’s of tremendous artistic and creative value and above all… it’s the most flexible thing I’ve ever seen (except rubber man) :cool: