Area 51 Giant Antenne?

Hmm… Found this a tad bit interesting. Seems as though there could be some giant land based antenne or possibly some electromagnetic disruptor on the bed of Groomlake in Area 51. Could it be?


There are ground based antennes that the navy uses to track things that inter and exit the earth’s atmosphere such as missles. There’s such an antenne near my town it’s called …::NAVSPASUR::…

Here’s the one near me <<::link::>>

So is this what this could be?
Please share your thoughts.

i dont see anything… in either of those pics…

but i dont see what all the fuss is about if that (wherever ‘that’ is) is an antenna, area 51 is bound to have an antenna somewhere…

they look like runways to me. and area 51 would need them because they test experimental aircraft( I think).

wait… i think i see something…


Now that Area 51 is on Google Earth, all of the computers inside the control room of the hidden antenna have the little “Adds by Google” box reading things like:

“Relieve pesky alien problems”
“UFO maintenance and repair”
“Coast to coast with Art Bell”

Well if you read the other information. Then you’d notice that this is an antenne that is like a fence instead of a pole. That it a strange runway that curves all the way around like it does. I honestly thought graphics artists would spot this.
Example: <<<>>>

Now what do you think?

I think it’s time to kill Puff the Magic Dragon.

Haha, I concur.

Honestly who cares if they have one.

Oh Noes! An Antenna! They must be monitoring something, or sending or receiving something. They must be stopped!!one

Theres a few interesting shapes in that area. A tagret, a triangle and a strange star shaped thing.

The star is a mock up of a certain type of russian missile silo afaik.


oh, i see what you mean now jack.

Yeah, it’s a rather odd looking antenne and its longer than all the NAVSPASUR put together (btw NAVSPASUR has traveled 72 lightyears through space since it was turned on about 20 years ago), and it could be directed towards a certain area, I honestly have no idea if it is directed towards a certain area in space. So what do you think of it? Plus to the upper right/north east of the antenne it looks like a large number of pueblos are there, like huge pueblo bonito sized ones.

It could be a land based antana. They have many uses. Extreamly long wave lengths penetrate water better so are used for communications with sub-marines without requireing them to surface. Loran is a system of using long waves to pinpoint your location by detecting the timing differnces in radio waves sent from differnt locations. It is not used much since GPS entered the field but area 51 was in use durring WWII so…

There are definitely some runways but I really don’t know, what are that circular lines. At first I thought it could be walls or something but then I realized that walls crossing runways are nonsense.

what about if someone just tested his new jeep on a empty airfield??
If there would be a secret goverment antenna or something like that I dont think it would be seen in some google maps…
even now google earth has some weirdly covered areas, maby some militarybaces or something…
we are living trough times where the censorship blossoms…

if you zoom the first image you can see that it is sth like a antenne

I just saw something incredibly interesting. On the Yahoo map some places that may be unused are actually in incredibly hi definition while the actual part of the base that is used is really blury. Try out yahoo’s maps to see for yourself.

I notice the circular lines alright. But the straight ones are runways alright (I was reading the wikipedia article which confirmed the twin runways and long one. They are about 3km in lengh each). On the other hand the circular lines are odd and they might fit in your Antena idea. I havnt found any picture of the layout of such antena’s but it might be possible if it’s a fence style layout

Now another explanation is that a few UFO had a few bad landings with their saucers and rolled around in a circle (like a frisbee landing on its side). Such a landing would usually result in the first extraterristrials barfing on human soil :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll never know…unless we get hired in Area 51 and we get to keep the secret for ourselves too

Hmm… I think ET is part of the Workers’ Union. You know it could be… POWER LINES… but I digress.

you use google earth jack?

you can zoom way in and get hi res images…

here i went down and looked across…

and i noticed that the "anntene comes to a stop(or start) at the end of a runway…

hey, theres a baseball field not too far from groom lake…

not wanting to afend anyone but, light, inhale, exhale, repeat