Area light as sphere and other shapes...

(Already discussed?)
It would be useful to have area lights as spheres or as other shapes (cubes, cylinders, etc.), Also we could get rid of this kind of results (I know, it’s always possible to tweak it…):

Well, almost one year after your post and here is a reply :slight_smile: in my case, I just saw your thread now. So here it goes, an area light as a sphere would pretty much be a point light and an area light as a cylinder can be simulated with a few area lights correctly positioned but generally, if it is for like neon glow, there are other ways to do it.

with raytraced point light, raise samples to lower the noise, and adjust “soft-size” to set the (emulated)dimension of the sphere emitter. This is a trick, i guess it works only on raytraced shadows and not on diffuse light, so that the shadows are calculated as projected from a big sphere, yet light still comes from a point in the space (somebody please correct me if i’m wrong)

The Blender250 render build has mesh lighting. You could use a uv sphere – "If thats the lighting your looking for.