Area lights not showing

I’m trying to light up a facade with LED lighting. Now this worked fine for a while, but now some of the lights won’t show.

I made a collection which contains 16 of the LED profiles which I then coppied to different area’s of the building.

At first copying went fine. At some point when I coppied a collection the entire collection shows no lights. Now one of the LED strips inside one of the collections is not working.

The LED’s are made of area lights with in front of that a partially translucent cap.

Are you using Eevee? I noticed last week that there is a limit of something like 128 area lights, so when you go over this amount the lights don’t show up anymore. Can this be the problem?

I’m indeed using Eevee, would using cycles fix this? I just counted and I currently have 129 area lights. This makes sense now. I will just make each area light stretch over several profiles. That should fix it.


I’m not sure but I don’t think cycles have this limit. I used a similar solution when I had the same issue last week. Good luck!