Area measurement

I am using Blender 2.54 to add a vernda to my house. I put a temporary plane in the veranda to measure the area and sides by enabling ‘Edge length’ and ‘Face area’. The edge lengths are correct, but the face area is up the creek…
Length is 5.83m Width is 3m, and according to Blender area is 11.706. At 70+ I have a fast diminishing set of brain cells, but I’m pretty sure that’s not correct.

I had set scaling to 1.5 (because what was 3m long in my model showed as 2m)
When I reset scaling to 1.00 area was calculated correctly. However, if I changed to imperial, the area was up the creek again, even with scaling at 1.

I have since experimented and discovered that while edge measurements are always correct, changing the scale, or to imperial or metric the area measurement is often far from correct.

I am very confused. If anyone can un-confuse me I’ll be very grateful.

B2.5x is still in Beta stage, so one may expect weird behaviour.
After scaling in object mode, it’s better to do Ctrl-A>Apply Scale - less confusions after.
Measurment in other units than Blenders native may be problematic too.

Many thanks for the quick reply. but if I keep the scale to the default 1.000 which solves the area measurement problem, is there a way to have the size of the edges of my house match the grid? At the moment a wall which covers 3 grid squares measures 2m, but in my original in Blender 2.49 it was 3m. I would like 3 grid squares to equal 3m. Probably very simple, but I haven’t found a way to do this in 2.54.

For me it works well. 3 Blender units ( grid squares ) is equal to 3 meters. Check Units panel > Scale factor - it should be 1. Also make sure your object is not scaled in object mode.
In edit mode > Property panel > Transform tab, there are buttons ‘Global’ & ‘Local’. If your object has been scaled in Object mode you can switch between scaled ( Global ) or original ( Local ) dimensions.

Yes, great. Changing to global has made 3 grid squares match 3 metres again… So simple when you know how…Many thanks again for your help.