Area of smoke not showing up in render.

I made a rocket animation where it soars into the sky and smoke trails behind it. However, all seems fine and dandy as it takes off in the render, but in the middle of the flight a shape appears to cut the smoke out of visibility but not the rocket. It’s like there is a mask that explicitly cuts out the smoke in that are and then it resumes normally. Hope you guys can help!

I presume that there is an object and an IPO-curve driving it that you have forgotten about. Set the animation to that particular frame-number and render it. (Render the animation with per-frame labels if you can’t find the number.)

Also be sure to turn all of the layers on. An object can certainly influence the render, e.g. by being seen as “blocking the light,” without itself appearing in the output. (This, of course, is a very intentional feature of the system, used to create masks.)

“Zed, we have a bug.” – Men In Black