Area Shadows..

Hello guys. I am working on this now. I want you please to tell me three things…

1-What room that appears to be to you?

2-Does that diamond looks ok? or something can be done to make it more real?

3-how can i remove the “grainy” effect of the area shadow of the diamond? it has 6 or 8 samples (i don’t remember well) and the render quality is set to “High”

PD: using yafray

does it has anything to do with “Shine on you crazy diamond” Pink Floyd´s masterpiece.

i mean the room looks like its build for a mental pacient, and there is a diamond , you know, shinning. Also the musical signs make think that you are in a way making a tribute to the song.

am I right?

Dude… i don’t know what to say. You just let me speechless. Puzzled.
That was the song that inspired me for this work. But i never imagined someone could see exactly that message and even linking it to the right pink floyd’s song.

Are you sure you don’t know me? :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s a pleasure anyway :slight_smile:


It’s a nice render, too.

henrymop thanks for the comment.

i made a new render… this one took 6 hours and 17 minutes.
the setting were 8 samples for the area shadow and render quality at “Best”
The image overall looks now really clean but the shadow still grainy on its borders.
Please… does somebody know how to remove the grain?? make a cleaner shadow?

Also… is it possible to render toghether area shadows and caustics in yafray? if this engine can’t do it. Wich else i can use for rendering area shadows and caustics toghether?


Post Processing because higher samples my result in the render taking days.

How come it takes so long to render anyway? What’s got so many polies. Unless it is the diamond I dont know how long caustics take

Anthony, thanks for replying…

What exactly do you mean by post processing? cleaning with GIMP the final render?? or some internal blender feature?

Anyways… the image lack of caustics. Just area shadows. If caustics could be done i think it should take way more time. This rendertime is just for the render quality. If i lower that level to “Medium” it just takes 38 minutes. And 3 minutes with “Low”

it does not have to many polys… here is the shoot…


off course i know you, you are a pink floyd fan, we connect trough the music.

thats a great render, keep workng on that until you are happy with it, that song deserves it, wich why the way was a tribute to pink floyd´s creator Syd barrett , wich died a few weeks ago

Syd Barrett R.I.P.

Ok, turn off Global Illumination and turn the samples to 16.

What type of processor do you have and what is it’s clock speed?

Edit: Wait, are you using an area light or an emiting object?

Tynach: I am using an area light. My cpu is a P4 with HT activated and SMP compiled in kernel. Clock is 2.8Ghz. I’ll test to render the image how you said. Will post the results…

refu86: Guess you are right. And specialy pink floyd. It connects people very depply. I might finnish this a as a barrett tribute like you said…
he deserves it.

cheers, both :slight_smile:

Get rid of the area light, and make the white plane that was behind it emit light using the Emit value in the shaders tab. Then, turn on Global Illumination and turn it to Full. Make it render at Best, turn on Cache and No Bump. Turn Depth and CDepth both to 5. DO NOT HAVE PHOTONS ON.

Turn precision down to 5, and turn refinement all the way down. Then make Emit Power 25.

If you don’t have an emiting plane behind the area light you should erase, make one, and make sure all normals are facing the center of your scene (the diamond) except the normals on the diamond itself.

Render, and wait a long time for it to render…

It will come out with perfect caustics, smooth shadows, and photorealistic lighting. If it’s too dark or too dim, change the Emit Power. The higher the brighter. Make sure Emit on your emiting plane is all the way up in the material shading tab.

It won’t calculate photons for caustics, the caustics will be made by the global illumination and will be much more accurate.

If you have the processor specs you told me you have, it will take a couple hours to render, no more… The caching will greatly improve the way it looks (no grain) and the render time, though the refinement will make it slightly longer… It should render in about 1-3 hours, a lot less than 6.

Tynach: wow dude, i am amazed… gotta get my hands on that now!! many thanks for the “honey” :slight_smile:
will post the result when is rendered… yayyy!!!


Your welcome… What do you mean by “Gotta get my hands on that now?” I was telling you the Yafray settings, so if you thought I meant some other render engine, keep in mind I wasn’t.