Arena New Character model

hey all,

thought i’d been around here long enough without putting on any of my work, so, I give you first project. just a basic fighting game set in ancient Rome. I know my models are horrible, but there better than boxes ;). so eat me to death with criticism and tips please.

Update: new character model!


You shouldn’t take pictures with a camera :wink: use the PTRTSCRN and paste it in a imaeg program.

Looks nice BTW, I like it!

no, thats bloom shader, I took the picture with a python script, but my bloom isn’t very good yet…

Ok, LOL I thought you took it with a camera XD
Can’t wait to play it!

Nice start mate! Keep at it! Also try to get a good grip on python and develop your combat system adequately.

James Out…


Also try to get a good grip on python and develop your combat system adequately

can you recommend me to a good .blend I can take apart for the combat system? I know the basic syntex (sp?) of python and I try to use it anywhere I can, but I’m a major noob at it, and modeling… :wink:

here it is without the bloom effect, I like it with, but without I get about 10 FPS more…


very good start!

Dude thats good stuff! I can help you with some modeling if you’d like. lol the dudes in the background look like they’re from potter puppet pals xD

A very nice start, well done!

lol… this was the same thing i was planning to i made the arena and the camera movments but i cant make the attack animations to mouse button click…
nice man…like it

here’s the .blend…there isn’t much yet, but I thought that all you could have a look at it and see if im doing anything wrong (or if there is a better way);11780649;/fileinfo.html

I’ll try to see if I can find some combat files around here somewhere, if I can’t find any I’ll make some.

James Out…

NB: I remade your arena(reduced file size by 2 megabytes) it should run better now, better frame rate.

Thats really cool, I like how the lighting is =).
For the actions, you should delete the animation keys on bones that aren’t being used so the dude still runs while using his weapon. And the stadium has waay to many polys. A hint is to only add polygons which actually change the physical shape of an object, or else its just a waste of computing/rendering.

the high poly stadium is a result of radiosity… but if you say there is a better way to do it…

Update at the top…