Arena Preview (comment please!)

Hi , I’m developing a new game , I will post more information soon , but I maked a basic arena , now textured , if you can comment it , I will say THANKS :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a problem with the sky , I don’t know how to texture it O_O.

make textures higher quality

The quality is fine. I think it looks good.
For the sky, google skyboxes or sky domes. There’s lots of free ones around.

One part of your texture is upside down, the part nearest to the camera.
Now you just need something to fight. :slight_smile:

How to add a sky dome:

  1. Shift S> cursor to center>enter
    2.Shift A>add>mesh>icosphere
    3.Scale it up- s, 10 (or however big u want)
    4.Go into side view, tab into edit mode and select the bottom half of the icosphere and hit x>delete vertices.
    5.still in edit mode, select the top half of the sphere and hit U>unwrap
    6Go to the uv-editing .Open up a sky dome image from google or from where i get all my textures) and place your unwrapped mesh directly over it. If your doing this game in GLSL you need to add a material and a texture(the sky texture) in order to see it in the 3d view-port. For multitexture, this step isn’t required.
  2. Last, select your icosphere, go into edit mode, select all the vertices, and hit Ctrl N, and at the bottom of the tools tab, check inside.

That’s it! Now you have a sky in your game ;). Hope that wasn’t too complicated :slight_smile:

Thanks , I will try it :stuck_out_tongue:

You have re-uploaded your palm tree? I will use it in my game :stuck_out_tongue: