Ares, The Snow Tiger 2.0

I posted Ares in blendswap few months ago. Back in the time, it looked perfect to me. I like all the design that I put on and all that. But the character does not have a body and it only as head, and the suit. Also, now that I am making a 40sec animation for school project, I figured I’m just gonna make version 2 of my Ares.
So if any of you are unaware of my first version, I’ll have the link below.

and for an idea how he looked like, I’ll put a one snapshot of my animation.

So yeah.
And now. I decided to start fresh, from nothing. And this is how far I went since the last time.

the cool thing about this one, there are a lot more suit articulation than last time. as well as details

Looks friggin’ awesome, if you ask me.

This is awesome! That is a really great job. The first render=beautiful.

Fantastic character design.

Can’t wait to see the animation

NIce work… hope to see more…

Okay. I just finished it’s back and his stomach as well as crouch. Planning to add more detail once I finished with his legs.