Arg!! Even these tutorials are confusing...

I’m content with the amount of documentation for Blender; although there could still probably be more…

It’s just not as easy to find sometimes and might not be as neatly organized…but it’s there nonetheless.

But the problem is, these tutorials are so confusing!!!

For instance, I just decided that I would sit down right now and start going through the absolute wealth of tutorials out there.

My main portal being the tutorial links section on the main page of the BlenderWiki.

I’m trying to go through the basic editing tutorial listed under “Older < 2.4” in the tutorial links section
( )

I’m going through making a coffee cup.

Perhaps this is just poorly written. For instance, to make the handle, it’s telling me to extrude from something:

There’s not much point in trying to follow tutorials when every other second I have to come crawling back here to get it figured out is there? :mad:


EDIT: My main problem with this one so far is where it says:

add two small extrudes to make a rounded edge, press Shift+F to fill the bottom.

Extrude from what?? Where?? Extrude from the coffee cup, but that doesn’t make sense…to go where!?

This is one reason Blender isn’t being widely used yet…so many tutorials, but the tutorials are confusing…:wink:

EDIT: Link fixed.

The link seems to be dead, but no worries. We all have our frustrations getting used to Blender.

Seems the bottom of the coffee cup [tube] is extruded down twice, and slightly scaled inward = to create the rounding at the bottom. If you have all the vertices selected in an unclosed circle and push Shift F (key) in Edit mode, the faces will be create between the vertices.

Hope that helps…

Thanks :slight_smile:

What it says is to extrude a circle, and then I scaled the top out a bit.

And then it looks like its talking about adding the side handle; but it’s very unclear…

Thanks for understanding :smiley:


Anyone else got ideas as to what to do with confusing tutorials?!?! :confused:

Thanks, LC

try the lizard tutorial in my sig ( the link to ‘modelling thread’. ) just remember, loop select is now alt right click, and it’s behavior depends on what mode you are in as far as face/edge/vertex mode. ( there are buttons for it on the main header. ) It might be a bit complicated to follow all the way through, but you might enjoy more success with it, as it is illustrated step by step.

I would suggest starting here -->

Tutorials are a buildup of knowledge, if a person writes a tut on caustics, the author will rightfully assume you have built up enough knowledge and experience that you know how to render a scene for example, and his tutorial should not waste time covering the basics.

If you miss details along the way it gets confusing when attempting a tutorial that is talking about techniques you are not familiar with, the loop selection that modron is talking about for example, I missed it when going through the basics and oddly enough was just going back through the manual learning about that exact thing 15 mins ago and wish I was familiar with it months ago, it would have saved me a lot of work.

Yes, it can be quite frustrating when specific details are left out, fortunatly we have Elysiun to help fill in the blanks.

First and foremost, as already pointed out, must writers assume/expect that people will have a certain level of experience before attempting a tutorial. Secondly, most of the information out there is old and some is very old in Blender terms.

Where possible, try and restrict your learning to recent tutorials (admittedly they are few and far between - and some old tutorials are still very valid).

Personally, I always recommend:

It’s a PDF and it covers a wide range of topics, in logical order, from introduction to advanced principles. Once you’ve worked half way through the exercises, a lot of the basic-intermediate tutorials out there will make a lot more sense.

Three cheers for AndyD, I forgot about that one, is good!