Arg, how do I match the weight paint of two spots on

2 different meshes? See in the circle? those points need to match up when I move the bone, yet try as I might I cannot paint them to come together.

Even starting from the start with the exact same settings and then click click click…it doesnt work.

Teach me and I will teach others



I can’t make head nor tail of either the question or the pic.


LOL, thats so funny, sorry… having a boring Tday?

In the circle are three verts. Two in the top black mesh and 1 in the bottom selected pink mesh.

These meshes have the same armature.

The bottom one where the circle is, is how I want the mesh displaced by its bones. To raise the hip.

The top black mesh at this point, does not match the same location. So you can infact, look inside the hips, from the right angle.

Very ugly for sure. The upper black mesh is the stomach area, and the part in the circle is the rest of the upper hip area that needs to be displaced too.

No matter what I do, I cannot get them to have the same weight while painting, so they match up at the edges, etc.

Does that help?

No matter what I do, I cannot get them to have the same weight while painting, so they match up at the edges, etc.

You never will. Armatures deform meshes. If there is no face between edges (and there can’t be if there are two meshes) then deformation will force those edges appart because deformation by the Armature is relative to the Object Center of each different Mesh. And even if they were to seperate MeshParts of the same Mesh their Relative distances from the same Object Center would cause the same problem.


hmmm, but they all have the same center?

So how do you manipulate a humanoid of different meshes?

I don’t know of any humanoid meshes that were modelled that way. The closest alternative is the Z-Sphere type where the parts are all closed meshes and the rounded upper leg would just be plunged into the pelvis area. But Z-Spheres are more useful for previz or retopo’ing a new mesh than anything else.

but they all have the same center?

They all use the same center but they are at different places,


You can, by using Hooks, stitch together two separate objects and have them work with a single armature … though if you have a lot of points to join it can get pretty tedious and confusing …

Flex your knuckles for this one …

First line up the vertex points to where they line up properly in Object Mode (by using Shift-S ->Cursor to Selection/Selection to Cursor or by turning on wire view and eyeballing it - the first is more accurate) with all poses cleared (put the armature into Rest Position - actually you might want to do this before you line up your vertices) then :

  1. Select the first object and tab into Edit Mode and select the vertex you want to weld to the second object
  2. hit Ctrl-H -> Add, To New Empty
  3. Tab into Object Mode hit A to deselect all then just select the new empty/hook then shift-select the second object you want to weld to
  4. Tab into Edit Mode for the second object and select the vertex in the second object you want to weld
  5. hit Ctrl-H -> Add, To Selected Object

Now you have the those two vertices welded by a single hook proxy … You just need to repeat as needed .

You’ll want parent the empty(ies?) to a bone … otherwise it will stay at the point in which it was created …

Hmm, and wow, and really???

I did a work around and everything there is ok now, I just am not lifting the hip as it should.

But I will try what you said. I think I would only have to meld about 4 verts on each side… hooks? I havent done anything with them yet.

Thanks very much for the tutorial!