ARG!! I need a better GUI!

I’ve been learning Blender for a couple of weeks now (not a newbie, just not up on Blender yet), and took a break to try some other apps (Silo, Truespace, Carrara, etc.) and I’ve come to realize somethings about my work style:

1 - that I’m really turned on by an elegant, easily worked interface. I normally work with just a mouse, or one hand on the keyboard and one hand on the mouse. Any keyboard commands that require my right hand slow me down and break up my work flow (ie. Blender). Likewise, to have to move the cursor all the way to the side of the screen to pan or zoom a display slows me way down (ie. Truespace). I’ve grown to love Silo and Carrara’s interface because of this.

2 - I love the object 3D “manipulator”. Might not be a new thing to you guys, but to be able to acurately move an object, face or vertex through space (and while viewing in perspective) without changing views or pressing keys is something entirely new to me… and I love it.

3 - I’m also turned on by volumes of “preset” shaders, plugins, and lighting options. I think for alot of what I do, output quality is all about great textures, great lighting and a great renderer. I’ve seen some “knock your socks off” renders at the Truespace site that are nothing more than a bunch of boxes with great texturemaps and lighting. (The pre-made scenes and textures I found in Carrara last night are very nice, but where are the plugins?).

So my task is to find/create:

a. A more effecient GUI for Blender and,
b. Build up a stock of preset materials and backgrounds.

Any suggestions / advice?



P.S. - I’m running Blender on a notebook computer, so I don’t have a numeric pad… how do I remap keys so I can move my most used keys to the left side of the keyboard?

It might be better for you currently but when you get used to it, it has a much faster workflow.

the interface has been discussed thousands of times, and still it comes down to individual tastes.

blender’s interface isnt perfect and doesn’t suit everyone’s wishes/needs. for the time being, you either “get used” to how it is, or you wait for further enhancements, especially in terms of customization (shortcuts etc). a lot can be done here, if i only think of custom menus, multiple-key shortcuts and cycling…

my PERSONAL opinion: blender has one of the best interfaces - streamlined, fast, VERY responsive, and sexy.

couldn’t you just move your left hand to the right side of the keyboard? that’s what i do… the little bumps on “F” and “J” (you may or may not have them on a laptop) are so you can tell where you are

By the way, of you dont have a numeric keypad, does your keyboard have a “Fn” button? my mom’s does, that’s how she uses the keypad (Fn + something like “K” = num 5)

oh yeah, i can’t say i’ve ever been turned on by a program :slight_smile:

sexy = appealing :slight_smile: completing a project fast and easy is appealing.