Arg! Stupid shadow bake

I can’t get shadow baking to work. I’ve done it before fine, but it’s making me mad right now

I add a spot lamp
make (or select) a new image over in UV image editor
Click Shadow and click Bake

And it replaces my AO map

I’ve done this before, the same way. Do I need to bake the shadow map first?

I think you might have the object on the wrong image. Try going into edit mode and make sure that the mesh is on the shadow map image. That might be the problem.

you mean put the image into the texture area?

I’m not quite sure what it is called. But in the UV image editor, the unwraped model is set to a certain image (most likely your AO). I was just saying that having your shadow map image selected might help.
Sorry if I’m not making any sense.

Select all the faces in edit mode, and then in the UV image editor, choose which image you want to bake to. Then hit bake.

Ok I can try that

@Gill ok :slight_smile:

Right… What he said…:o… Lol

Read that tutorial that i wrote, I send it to you allready, exaplain this basic stuff