Argghhh! Flippin' Bones!

I have run into this many times, and I just cannot figure out what is going wrong. I make a unit, I rig it with a armatures, never use IK’s, (because I do not know how), and then animate it.

And all the parts are correct etc…

Then I re-open the file, and things are switched.

How in the world!?

I mean suddenly the right arm bone is controlling the left arm, and the left foot bone is controlling the right foot.

Does it have something to do with me pressing ctrl+A.

I never want to run into this problem again, and for now I am just going to re-parent everything…

Was it ctrl+A? Was it because I named the bones .R and .L, as if I intended to use IK? Or was it because I baked the animation?

Hi NeOmega! The first question that comes to mind is, have you checked your vertex groups? If you have your bone names visible on the armature, this should be a lot clearer. Naming bones .L and .R is I believe compulsary, but suppose you were modeling from behind - believing you were modeling from the front - how would Blender guess your left is your right? Just some thoughts. Hope it all works out :wink:

I thought this was the case… but I had already made some animations that worked fine!. So I know I named them correctly.

It only took 3 minutes to flip the bones back around, they seemed to have been flipped around the z axis…

Assuming that you’ve properly named your bones and vertex groups to the same things (i.e. Vertex Group “foo.L” contains vertices near bone “foo.L”), try unparenting them.

Select the mesh and apply location/rotation (Ctrl-A).
Select the armature and apply location/rotation.

Now parent them again.

Does this help?