ARgh! This damn CVS!

Okay, actually not that bad, but still annoying. Installed the latest CVS from Blender Nation, and it says that the “Import Site Failed” and to use “-v to Traceback” What happened? The program works fine except for the. . . import! Please I beg of you, help me! Now The optimized version says the samething?! What?! AHHHHH!

The error message you received would suggest that Python is not installed or the incorrect Python is installed.
Check in the Blender folder and if you find Python24.dll you will need Python version 2.4.3 installed. Then you’ll get a much more friendly message when you start Blender. M.A.

If you use the handy SEARCH the forums feature, the answer to your question has been answered a number of times already.

Most / many / some? scripts do not require python to be installed.


Wow, Doesn’t work with Py 2.5, huh? That sucks, quick question: I now have both py 2.4 and 2.5 on my computer, which one takes precedence and do both work at the same time?

Whichever one you installed most recently is the ‘active’ one that will be used by everything except blender.


THANKS! works fine!