Aric's Adventures

Hey guys! This is the first post for an upcoming game Aric’s Adventures. The game is a first person horror/puzzle/comedy game. I have already started on some of it and its looking pretty good at the moment. Im looking for someone who knows python real well to join and maybe another modeler or two. I can do basic python but i am no where near advanced enough to do what i need it to do. If you are interested please contact me as this game will be a finished game come hell or high water!


[email protected]

Ok so i went through and updated the textures. Wasnt liking the old ones and i added some more elements. In game the lights flicker also ill have a video on youtube to show it soon. :smiley:

Working on the menu. Got the buttons working and they shrink when the mouse moves over them and also send you to the game or controls page or exit the game all work. More updates soon and a some gameplay videos soon!!!

It looks interesting. I’d like to see a video. :slight_smile:

Wow… the textures of the wall and bricks look great and pretty real. I’m impressed.

I havent worked on this in a while sorry about that guys…kinda lost interest when i had nobody to help me out with the scripting and it was becoming kinda stressfull.

Part of the fun of indie game development is the scripting. It’s often far more rewarding than modeling.
Also, people can help if you have issues with programming, they cannot instantly solve your modeling level,
Don’t give up just yet.