Arid Landscape

An abstraction.



kl… cliff hanger :D.

very nice and simple
you have a good control of mood in your work,
especially with the “suffering/joy” and “hope/despair” works
also how is your octoman coming, i dont think i missed the finished work did i?

Grimreaper: LOL Thanks.

Wu: Thank you! Octoman is on hold right now, but soon I’m going to begin work on him again.



Really does look abstracted, you can barely even tell what it is.

very interesting b01c. lines, patches of color, possibly a cliff face coming down to a still waters edge, mist in the distance. Nice set of colors. Clean and indefinite. groovy

only thing that keeps troubling me is that triangle of lighter shade at the top left.

I don’t get it

It looks like a female chest from side on, with the top of her neck at the top left of the image. (Did I just say that out loud?)

Nice style Block mate, very simplistic.


Kansas_15: Yes. The point is not to be able to just be able to tell what it is, but to create the potential for interpretation.

GCat: Thanks.

Jedi Dawn: lol, refer to my answer to Kansas_15.

Sonix: Thanks man! I’m a big fan of minimalism.



Well blockcube.,…you are really into abstract I see… well … all i can say is …yes… it’s abstract… reminds of of eeeeeh something abstract…

I am like… WTF?

I don’t think that can be considerated as abstact, sorry. And yes, I am quite picky.