Arizona- Watermelon

Arizona Drink Advertisement exploration

Cans, background and condensation were created in Blender and watermelons were added in post using Photoshop. More hi-res images at . I may post them in this thread here later for more convenience.

PS: does anyone know why the images I am posting look so blurry? They look fine everywhere else so I know the image is good. Any advice on this would be appreciated


That watermelon on the left looks great! The can looks cool also. Could use a bit more gloss though? It did take me a second to get the can/watermelon on the right, but the idea is great, the seeds seem small though.
Was this for them, or for personal practice?

Hey ctdabomb, Thanks for the comments. The can is set to be really glossy but the studio setup really diffuses it, also the references I was using were very toned down on reflections so I went that route.

I see what you mean about the concept on the right. since the slices were so small it felt like maybe the seeds should be too or that there shouldn’t be any at all, but I will experiment with that between projects. Thanks for your outlook. I really appreciate it. This site was really helpful to me from my transition from Maya.

Great job! The lighting is awesome. :slight_smile:

Mmmm… I wanna taste it xD

Haha, I love the Arizona drinks! :slight_smile: You’ve done a great job with this!

Thank you very much @ShadowCamero. A majority of the lighting is straight out of cycles and very little needed to be done in Photoshop

Lol @CurtYoung. That’s probably going to be the best comment in this thread

@bonrw1- Yeah the Arizona Drinks are definitely among my favorite drinks. Thank you for the comments