ark angel M1 (male)

okay. so i have been working on this game/movie for quite some time now… over a year now.

if the project turns out to be a game it will feature full CG cutscenes.
if it is a movie, i dump the interactive part and make the whole thing a film.

i find this out in two weeks, depending on what resources are givin to me.

that being said, i decided to show one of the models that is going to be featured in the project. (yes im talking about project echo for those of you who have seen the game thread, if you havnt, dont bother looking it up becuase it no longer accurately reflects the game :no:.) it gives some insight into the style of the main atagonist in the game\movie. the following just a description of what the system will be in the movie (read it if you want, it doesnt spoil anything, its just long. if youd rather skip the description just jump to the bottom of the post):

        its called the Ark Angel advanced body armor system. and thats exactly what it is, its not just armor, but a entire system. it repersents the peak of armor design, light, strong, flexible, and supportive. 

the top layer is constructed out of an alloy of two materials that are only present in the world of project echo. they are extreamy light weight, and able to absorb massive amounts of force without rupturing. despite appearences, the top layer, due to its atomic arangement, will not shatter. imagine punching a brick of solid styrofoam, and thats what the armor looks like after taking a 50 calibur bullet.

the second layer is constructed after human cartilige and surronds almost the entire body. however this “aritfical cartilage” is modified to have good body armor properties. this means that it absorbs massive amounts of kentic force, (making it a good backer for the first layer) and is very flexible. however it is likely to rip and rupture after taking sustained damage or any rounds bigger than 7.62 mm.

the third layer (not visible in this render) uses a type of “gel” armor as a last line of defence. an advaced computer detects incoming rounds and sends a electrical signal to a certain area of the gel, making it become much denser momentarly to hopefully “absorb” the incoming round. anything larger than 5.56 mm will cause the gel armor to fail. covers only legs, back of head, neck, torso, chest, and back.

other notable features of the armor include:

  • full management of fluids in the body. (elminates wastes. automaticly replaces lost fluids and provides liquid nutrition for about 2 days depending on soldier’s activities.)
  • enhances soldier’s brain capcity; gives the soldier the abilty to see and comprehend a 360 field of vision. the abilty to interact with “HUD” inside the soldier’s eye piece with only his mind. abilty to control a “spider” system mounted in differnt locations through out the soldier’s armor as if they were simply another limb. access to all weapons, communication, and support systems without using hands.
  • the armor is the soldier’s primary weapon. it is not projectile based, but is based on the knowledge gained from centuries of his military studying the human mind. the soldier ajusts the desired level of leathailty, and without lifting a finger, can bring an entire enemy platoon to their knees with signals that disrupt the brains funtions. when the enemy is hit with the ark angel’s primary weapon exccessive sweating, sensations of physical pain, vomiting, and tearing along with dangerously accelerated hearbeat, respitory and uncontrolled bowl functions are just some of the symptoms the enemy experinces before death. as secondary the armor also mounts 2 laser systems mounted on the side of the arms and the spider system can be deployed as a hand to hand combat system.
  • for phycological warefare purposes, (mostly for show) the soldier can deploy an animated hologram on his back that resemble wings. (but again, its just for show)
  • adaptive cammofluage. the two top layers change like a chamelion to preloaded camo skins in order to match the enviroment.
    the art style is the standard white wash that youve seen from me before, becuse that is the style of project echo and it has a simple rig system.

okay thats about enough of jogging the imagination, ere ya go;


That is really cool. I think the wings kind of throw it off though, I like the idea of wings but a little more detail would be nice , even if they are just holograms. Besides that the suit looks great! Good luck with the project

The character itself looks very nice. Bit potheaded, but nice. The wings? Well… for psychological warfare… if i was being shot at and then guy wearing wings would walk at me… i would propably die to laugh… :S I mean i am not sure what kind of psychological warfare you think… but then again… we live in intresting world with lots of intresting and special people. :slight_smile:

Anyway… Very cool torso/armor model… not sure aobut the wings though.

the wings are actually only seen in one scene in the entire project. the scene is only 19 seconds long. its when they ark angels are first seen. its dark and rainy outside and an ark angel leaps out of a window and the wings light up the battlefield for a few seconds, flap twice. then flicker away. its hardly ever seen, but the military group that deploys these soldiers use the angel theme for almost all their weapons. its the mindset of the group, they belive they are gods. the ark angels are extreamly rare btw, only a few hundred of them actually exist.

oh and the helmet is shaped that way for a very specific purpose which is seen in the game, maybe in the movie if i can fit it in somehow.

You misspelled the name. It’s Arch Angel, not Ark Angel. An “Ark” is a container, usaully baring “Holy” purposes. “Arch” hoever, signifies a higharchy, setting it above other.

Nice model, wings are a bit odd though, sorta has a little too much of a bubbly feel to it though. There are several ways to fix said problems though, creating creases is one of the best ways that comes to mind, also if you create an edge loop and slide it down really really close to where you want your sharp edge to be, helps with creating a hard edge with subsurf geometry.



Also, I think that maybe you may want to redesign the wings a little. Like, have them to where instead of being one whole mesh, break it up into several peices. Maybe have all the feathers seperate and floating, hmm… it’s kinda hard to explain in pictoral wrods though.

Nice work, I like in the first picture where you can see the second layer armour on the soldiers’ gut. The detail there is really effective. I can’t wait to see the final product, good luck with it and keep blending!

this would make a pretty kick-ass game, but we’ll leave that to you