ARK Industries: DCR-J M3 Assualt Carbine

My first serious completed model. It’s a model that took me about one and a half days, its finished modeling side, for whats its going to be used for, a game asset for a side-scroller I’m currently working on. I’m also making a version for use in my college application portfolio. Id like any feedback, whatsoever on this model. How it can be improved and such. Also any suggestions on texturing would be lovely. I have very very little experience in texturing and I suck at it. While I’m not going for anything photo-realistic yet, I would like some tips on how to go about it. Thanks.


It looks pretty cool to me. The only thing I would suggest in terms of modeling is perhaps a smidgen more variation in depth and angle for the surfaces facing flat towards the front camera. The texturing looks good too; like a graphic image of the weapon.
I’d bee keen to see how it looks with full texture and varied lighting and angle.