arm and armture joint

how do you make the joint for an arm near the shoulder
or elsewhere
see pic
i set most of the upper arm for the bone1 but when i move it in pose mode it creates a strong distorions ine the mesh and this is not matural

how can it be organise for a smooth transition


Just like the shoulder looks in real live.
A bone for the clavicle and the upper arm bone from the elbow to the shoulder.

I wonder how you got the idea to end the upper armbone in the mid of the upper arm?

i know i have to repostion the bones
but i’m referring to the kink right over the upper bones in the mesh
when you rotate the bone it doesn do a nice smooth mesh bending it forms more like a harsh angle

that’s what i wold like to get rid of

is there any way to have a smooth transition whn rotating ?

and also hat are theses new command on the bottom header
any doc available for theses?